Friday, March 1, 2013

Chaos Lord Completion

Yep, I've finished painting the Chaos Space Marine Lord from Dark Vengance. I maintained the limited color pallet from the Hellbrute, deciding to make the fur on his back match the base rather than adding a new color. I dullcoted him as normal, but I decided to gloss varnish his horns and his daemonic sword in order to make them stand out. I'm thinking that I should have painted the plate that goes over his chainmail tabard the same color as the rest of his armor, but oh well.

My next project is to paint the autopistol / close combat weapon armed cultists. They're sitting here drying and all I need to do next is add some gloss varnish to the lenses on their masks. Give me a few hours and they'll be posted

My final painting project will be to paint up the autogun armed cultists. The Chosen will remain in stasis until I get the last three I need from Demitra.

Off to the painting table!

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  1. Holy progress Batman. You're gonna have the whole set painted before I place my order...