Friday, May 31, 2013

More Chaos Marines- Forward Progress Continues!

That's right, I've finished two more Chaos Space Marine squads and they're ready and rearing to hit the table:
This alone would be awesome, but I've got another mini finished- my warlord- the Chaos Marine Sorcerer!
His eyes are a touch wonky, but between my unsteady hands and the bent brush I've been working with for detail work, that's to be expected. The point is, as far as I'm concerned, he looks slick. Now if I can get him to:

A) live through a game
B) get more than one psychic power off during said game
He'll be golden.

We'll see if my victory over Demitra on Tuesday was due to my increased tactical knowledge or just plain luck in a couple of weeks. For now however I'll just have to get what I can done before my laser eye surgery on Monday lays me up for a week.

Until next time,
EV out!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hot List-Building Action!

Still a dark picture, but it's what I have.
My Lascannons arrived today (as did the email saying they had shipped) and so I have begun assembling my final Havocs. While I was up to that I realized I hadn't posted my finalized (of so I hope) army list. It has changed (again) since Tuesday, as I had a learning experience. There is nothing that 25 Chaos Cultists can do that 20 Cultists can't do just as well (i.e. squatting on objectives or getting gunned down or both). With these points in hand I went about upgrading both my Sorcerer and Chaos Lord with invulnerable saves. A 4++ for the Sorcerer and a 5++ for the Chaos Lord. Since they're going to just wander through combats challenging everything that moves, I might as well buy them insurance policies. Especially my non combat-wombat warlord, as the last thing I want is him getting torn to shreds in melee.

Granted, he was great at hacking apart Death Company, and he should have offed that Blood Angel Chaplain twice, but that's still not where he'd like to be. He's not blessed with extremely high Weapon Skill or Attacks, he's not especially strong, and if he wins a challenge there's a chance he could turn into a Chaos Spawn. That's not so good.

So what is my army now composed of?

Sorcerer (warlord) w/ level 3 psyker, melta bombs, sigil of corruption- 140 pts.
Chaos Lord w/ lightning claw, melta bombs, aura of dark glory, The Burning Brand of Skalathrax- 130 pts.

19 Chaos Cultists w/ 5 autoguns; Cultist Champion- (20 models) 95 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs- (10 models) 190 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs- (10 models) 190 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs- (10 models) 190 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs- (10 models) 190 pts.

Heldrake w/ baleflamer- 170 pts.
Heldrake w/ baleflamer- 170 pts.

4 Havocs w/ 4 autocannons, Aspiring Champion- (5 models)- 115 pts.
4 Havocs w/ 4 autocannons, Aspiring Champion- (5 models)- 115 pts.
4 Havocs w/ 4 lascannons, Aspiring Champion- (5 models)- 155 pts.

A much more mobile firebase is now the backbone of my army, with 8 plasma guns laying down covering fire for me. Over their heads will rain 8 autocannons and 4 lascannons worth of covering fire as Heldrakes swoop in for the kill. This variation appears to be the most hopeful variant of my army, now for more extensive playtesting.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chaos Marines Revised; Primed For Action

Well, most of my Chaos Marines are primed. It smells kind of funny in my apartment as I brought my minis inside to finish drying, but I doubt it will cause any harm.

I also found a bunch of unused Plague Monk bits for my sorcerer in order to make him look more warlord-ish. He will get primed as soon as he gets the last bit he needs.
Sorry the pic is a touch dark, but I assure you he looks slick.Soonish Demitra will tremble at the feet of my level 3 telepath!

Chaos Marine Progress Report

Well, The Chaos Space Marines are coming along. All I have to do now is prime them. Of course, this picture doesn't include the lascannon marines as their lascannons are still yet to be put in the mail. They should be here soon enough though. You can see in the background the pitiful number of miniatures I was able to salvage from my previous lists. Those meltagun guys were (*gasp*) proxies (I feel dirty using that word) for my lascannons, and assuming the place I ordered my lascannons from gets their act together today, should be replaced with actual lascannon Havocs by Tuesday's game with Demitra. I decided to use the Chosen with Bolters as my Havoc Aspiring Champions as they're nice minis, already painted, and it would be a shame to have them collect dust for the remainder of their existence.

The conversion for my warlord is almost ready for priming:
Once he gets his severed head and I decide how to adorn his backpack he'll be golden. Of course, it'll be odd having him as the only Chaos Marine mini with no helmet, but he's my warlord, so I'll let it slide. Besides, none of the helmets fit him without looking stupid.

Further updates to follow as I paint squads, but rest assured I will have a fully painted army soon enough!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chaos Space Marines- Army Test And Thoughts

I got my first game in with my Chaos Marines today. Vanguard Strike deployment with Purge the Alien as the objective. I lost the game, but came away with some observations.

First off, my current army has a lot of Victory Points to give away. A lot of them. This was a major contributing factor to my loss. Not the only one, but a big one.

Second, Heldrakes have a 5++ save. I forgot this today, and it may have unneededly cost me a dragon. Sure I was taking a multi-melta to my tailpipe, but there was a 33% chance I would have survived.

Third- YOU MUST DECLARE WHICH WEAPONS ARE GOING TO FIRE BEFORE YOU ROLL ANY DICE. This was another instance where remembering the rules may have saved some minis. Demitra may have wasted a missile or two trying to nuke my Heldrake instead of firing them at other targets.

Fourthly, I heart autocannons. These were the all-stars of my army, and whatever Demitra claims about fluffed armor saves, I believe that the odds evened out over the course of the game with me offing most of the Devastators on turn one, and then killing fewer marines as the game went on. Hitting on 3s and wounding on 2s is great. Lots of shots rocks too. Also, 115 points per squad doesn't suck. Granted, it is this cheapness that led to me coughing up so many Victory Points, but 230 points cranking out 16 S7 AP4 shots per turn is nothing to sneeze at. Sure they're not scything down Space Marines left and right, but not too much does.

Fifth, and finally, Land Raiders full of Death Company are scary. It's hard as hell to de-mech them, and once they hit your lines it is Very Not Good. Seriously, I must thin these dudes out before they hit me. Of course, failing to slay the Chaplain in three separate challenges over four rounds of close combat is ridiculous. I wounded that dude a ton, and he kept making Rosarius saves. That dog of the False Emperor simply led a charmed life, nothing more.

How did my army fare overall? Pretty darn well. What won the game for Demitra was the Death Company pure and simple. They accounted for most of his Victory Points, and basically point-click-deleted the left flank of my army, claiming two of my Chaos Marine squads, my Lord of Chaos, and my Sorcerer warlord. There's five of his eight scored Victory Points right there. Not getting First Blood didn't help (despite claiming the first turn for a change) and I need to focus on that. Two VPs for one squad is worth it.

I really think my idea to trade out the Obliterators for a squad of lascannon Havocs panned out. Even though it can't more than ding the Land Raider, the squad distracted more than its fair share of firepower and killed quite a bit. The Obliterators would have just taken a couple of high Strength hits and gone *pop* from Instant Death.
Honestly, I need to either ignore the Land Raider and just feed the Death Company inside a Chaos Marine (or even better, Chaos Cultist) squad with no characters in it before shooting the snot out of them. That should work just fine, since the big honkin' mob o' hate won't be in combat long enough to hide with all the re-rolls and oodles of attacks it brings to the table. After that it's clobberin' time.

My deployment needs tweaking as well. I should be setting my guys up in a staggered battle line rather than in a series of blobs. This will minimize blast damage as well as allowed semi-ranked fire with minimal crossing of fire over my own squads. The exact formation is difficult to explain, but I've got it in my head- now if I can only set it up on the board.

I've got a finalized list for the army, and I'll post it soon along with a picture of my (for now) unpainted grey plastic horde. Once my Lascannons arrive in the mail I'll finish up the conversions I'm planning and throw up pictures here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not That I Am, But If I Did II

The NOVA Open.

No entry has kicked up as much dust on my blog as when I ranted about how insanely expensive it is to attend this event. The organizer even went as far as to post on my comments section as to how his event was not overpriced and how people came from far and wide to attend. That is not the point of this post.

What this post is about is points. In particular 1,850 points, which between Adepticon and the NOVA Open seems to be the tournament standard point allowance.

Now, were I a wealthier man I would not think twice about entering the tournament, but seeing as I am poor that is an objective for a later date.

...But a man can dream...

It is that dream which has inspired me to add 100 points more to my original army list. It is this dream which has led me to a leaner, meaner (according to DakkaDakka any way) Chaos Space Marine army. My parts arrived today, and tomorrow the frenzy of assembly begins!

What, you ask, is my destination with this force?

Sorcerer (warlord) w/ force sword, mastery level 3 (telepathy)- 110 pts.
Chaos Lord w/ lightning claw, melta bombs, The Burning Brand of Skalathrax- 115 pts.

14 Chaos Cultists; Chaos Cultist Champion (15 models)- 70 pts.
14 Chaos Cultists w/ 14 autoguns: Chaos Cultist Champion (15 models)- 84 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs (10 models)- 190 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs (10 models)- 190 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs (10 models)- 190 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power sword, melta bombs (10 models)- 190 pts.

Heldrake w/ baleflamer- 170 pts.
Heldrake w/ baleflamer- 170 pts.

4 Havocs w/ 4 autocannons; Aspiring Champion (5 models)- 115 pts.
4 Havocs w/ 4 autocannons; Aspiring Champion (5 models)- 115 pts.
2 Obliterators- 140 pts.

1,849 pts.

Now, some explanation may be required. Optimally I wouldn't take the 14 points worth of autoguns on the Chaos Cultists. Their job is to squat on objectives and/or to die horribly. Why arm them? Because that's what they've got, and I'm a WYSIWYG nut. Besides, I'm not really hurting for points in this list those points would most likely go toward giving out some more melta bombs, but why bother giving them to things like the Havocs in the first place? I mean, if they're getting charged all they can really do is fire off one last volley and commend their souls to the Dark Gods. They're doomed if they're in melee.

Along the same lines, I stripped the Cultists of their flamers. There is no reason for them to be toting them around. I've found that they die so quickly that they lose their ability to fire before I get a shot off. Waste of 5 points per squad right there.

Then there are the Chaos Space Marines. They've kept their plasma guns, but the aspiring champions are toned down. Since they wander off and challenge everything and every one, they need to strike at initiative rather than dropping down to 1 and just waiting to get chopped to bits. The Strength 5 AP 2 is super keen, but what does it matter if he never gets to use it? Melta bombs have been included to ward off Monstrous Creatures and Walkers.

Heldrakes? They're Heldrakes. No explanation required.

I'm stubbornly keeping the Havocs with Autocannons. The wall of fire, and 48" range just (in my opinion) makes them too valuable to drop. The extra dudes are all gone, since there's not much reason to keep ten bolters when for the same price I can have two Obliterators. If the Havocs are taking fire they're not long for this world any way. Those Strength 7 AP 4 shots are death to Tau and lighter infantry, wound MEQ models on a 2+, and can rapidly strip vehicles (even flyers with their volume of fire) of Hull Points. That's my reasoning.

The Obliterators? I'm actually afraid they're a waste of points. Every anti-tank weapon on the board is going to be pointed straight at them, and I'm pretty sure they'll disappear very, very quickly if I'm not super careful with them. I'm not too used to having to treat Oblits gingerly, so this will be an adventure for me.

Finally, my HQs. My Chaos Lord retains a similar weapons loadout to his previous one, but as with every other unit in the army, his fat has been cut. He's now a Burning Brand of Skalathrax delivery system, not much more. The lightning claw is there as a last resort- but I honestly don't expect to see him live too long once people realize what he's capable of. I'm trying to figure out how to model on the Brand, and I saw one idea I like. Use a Chaos Terminator heavy flamer, cut off the barrels, and replace them with something else. If I had one I'd use a Chaos Vehicle Sprue gargoyle head, but no such luck. I'll have to root through my bits to find something fitting.

Then there's my new warlord, the Chaos Sorcerer. I'm going to use the plastic Warriors of Chaos sorcerer mini and tweak it. He's going to get a head swap for a Chaos Marine head (I'm even thinking maybe one of the wolf's head helmets I have laying around) and he's going to lose his staff since force staves suck and are useless. I want to replace it with a severed head (like on the Space Ork Boyz or Zombie frames) but that's something I'd have to trade for. Something equally greusome would work out just fine. He'll also get a bolt pistol holster on his right hip, and a Chaos Marine backpack. After that he should more than look the part.

So, yeah. It's a fairly optimized all-comers list Between the Sorcerer, the Chaos Lord, and the scratch-built Obliterators (tweaked from various left over weapon bits and using Chaos Terminators as a base), I should have plenty of conversions for people to ooh and ah over. All the ingredients needed for a top-tier tournament army. Of course, my painting could always use improvement, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.

That's the aim of my army for now. Hope you're looking forward to seeing my stuff as I'm looking forward to building it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Order In! The Strength Seven Solution?

Something like this.
Well, I've pulled the trigger. Autocannons and lots of Chaos Space Marines are soon to be on their way to my door. Two squads of Autocannon Havocs should be just what the Dark Gods ordered. That's sixteen strength 7 shots per turn, with plenty of ablative wounds. Then there are the three additional ordinary Chaos Marine squads that will be toting around plasma guns. Lots more firepower, and almost zero close combat. I'll see how this direction turns out.

It is a bit dangerous to drop my close combat deterrents, but in the end it's been shooting, not hand to hand that carries the day. I'm sick and tired of being mowed down on my way into position, and that's going to stop in a really big hurry.

Currently I have air superiority, but once Demitra takes flak missiles in his army, that'll nerf that. I'll be leaning on my Havocs to clear them out ASAP. With a 48" range I can pretty assurredly lean on the ACs to at the very least mangle the enemy Devastators, but offing every last missile launcher? That's a taller order. At least I'll have two or more shooting phases to clear out rocket-toting jerks, which with 32 shots should (hopefully) mop them up. I'm too lazy to do the math now, but the numbers at least look good. I'll also get the drop on them with at least one baleflamer, and the Burning Brand of Skalathrax won't be far behind...

But that's just making them priority one. there are plenty of other things on my hit list.

I've really backed off on the toys, making my squads leaner and meaner (in a sense). Veterans of the Long War is totally gone from my list which, while I may miss the Leadership boost, will do away with one point per model and will remove the (if I'm going to be honest with myself) useless Hatred rule. It has yet to perform at all, and when fighting against enemies with Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines) it's pretty pointless in close combat. I get one round of re-rolls to hit, you get to re-roll ones both to hit and to wound forever. I'm pretty much doomed if you get your mitts on my dudes. Why bother?

That's not to say I've entirely forsaken close combat. No, melee is a fact of life (even when offing things with overwatch fire), and you need to be prepared for it. To this end my Aspiring Champions all have power weapons of some descriptor, excepting the Havocs which, provided things are going right, should never see melee.

Admit it Chaos players, you miss this.
Basically what I've been leading up to is this:

Chaos Lord (warlord) w/ power axe, The Burning Brand of Skalathrax.- 110 pts.

14 Chaos Cultists w/ flamer; Cultist Champion w/ shotgun- 77 pts.
14 Chaos Cultists w/ 13 autoguns, flamer; Cultist Champion- 88 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power fist, plasma pistol- 210 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power fist- 195 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power axe- 185 pts.
9 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma guns; Aspiring Champion w/ power axe- 185 pts.

Heldrake w/ baleflamer- 170 pts.
Heldrake w/ baleflamer- 170 pts.

9 Havocs w/ 4 autocannons; Aspiring Champion- 180 pts.
9 Havocs w/ 4 autocannons; Aspiring Champion- 180 pts.

1,750 points
1 HQ
0 Elite
6 Troops
2 Fast Attack
2 Heavy Support
93 miniatures

It looks really good on paper, and it's well rounded. There are Fast Attack choices for The Scouring and Heavy Support for The Big Guns Never Tire. There are lots of Troops for grabbing objectives, and they're well armed (except of course for the Chaos Cultists, but whatever). I haven't sunk too many points into an HQ choice that is cheap to begin with and should remain so. There's also a theme. It's a freshly turned chapter without time to earn any marks or become veterans. That goes with their color scheme. I would have liked to mix the kits up with loyalist parts, but I need the parts that come in the Chaos Marine box more. Plus my first plasma squad was already built.

I haven't determined how I'll step up to 1,999 points (not 2,000 because two Force Organization Charts is dumb) yet, but I'm leaning toward Helbrutes or Terminators. I guess that will be determined by my spending money allowance.

Here's hoping this isn't another gigantic mistake like my last armies have been.

My Chaos Marines and Autocannons just shipped. Woohoo!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chaos Marines- The Strength 7 Consideration

These dudes. More of these dudes.
Several games of 40k into 6th edition and I have come to one conclusion:

Assaulting is pointless and useless.

I have given it my best, really I have, but the "terrain density" rolls make for a board which is pretty much wide open and where firepower doesn't just dominate, it rules the day. Add to that Overwatch fire and you have a meaningless gesture that just gets your dudes killed really dead. To this end I am getting ready to tweak my army again. No more assault-oriented units. The Bloodletters have got to go. The Khorne Marines will be dropped. And the Daemon Prince? Well forget that guy.

Seriously, forget this guy.
Why am I dumping the mini I spent the most time and effort on (second to all that accursed Heldrake and all its detail)? Why drop the mini I so loved at the time I purchased?

It just plain sucks.

In all of my games he has gotten at the most a single movement phase before getting uncerimoniously shot to pieces. In my last game he got offed before he even got to think about moving. With performances like that he has to go.

It's really a shame, as I love the mini to death, but when it does nothing but waste 265 points, why bother?

What do I need then? Plasma. Lots of plasma. Strength 7, AP 2, Rapid Fire. Sure it Gets Hot, but so what? at most you'll probably lose a single miniature to overheats. No biggie. The bonus is that I get two plasma guns per squad. Not the template that the Heavy Plasma Gun the loyalists get, but it can snap fire. Not too shabby. Plus the ability to shoot on the move. That's huge for going after objectives. I can press the attack while gunning down loyalist scum.

More plasma!!!
Since the meta of 40k has shifted entirely toward shooting, I feel really let down that I once again have to go and buy more minis. I don't have unlimited funding, and that makes each purchase a really big gamble. I'm looking at over $111 just to get the next three squads I'll need. By the way, that's not three squads of plasma gunners- that's two.

The other squads will be used to build Havocs.

Autocannon Havocs.

These dudes should lay down enough fire to dissuade enemy squads from sticking their noses out of cover, since eight Strength 7, AP 4 weapons will make even Space Marines sweat. Then there are the Bolters.

I want to make these.
...Or at least that's what the Internet says. I've yet to be blown away by Autocannons (See what I did there?), Missile Launchers have thusfar been where it's at. The problem lies in making these heavy weapons.

Since I did away with my bits box a few years ago, I have regretted not having access to the parts I need for several conversions. Not the least of which were the scads of Autocannons I had lying around from an old Imperial Guard army that carried nothing but Lascannons. Ah, the heady days of Las-Plas. But now I need the fronts of Autocannons in order to chop apart the Heavy Bolters I have lying around and turn them into respectable weapons.

Another victim of edition change.
Then there's my Chaos Lord. He has also yet do...

...Do anything. He's stood there and gotten gunned down by Dark Angels over and over, That is not productive, nor is it fun. To this end I am trimming the big guy down a bit, rearming him, and building an entirely new mini out of parts I already have lying around. This time I'll put together a firepower oriented Lord. This time, the Burning Brand of Skalathrax!

If Demitra already hates my Heldrakes and their Baleflamers, he'll rage at the inclusion of the Burning Brand. Strength 4, AP 3, Torrent. Oh, yeah. Burn Marine boy, burn.

I'm not sure if the new lord will be getting a Sigil of Corruption, in fact I'm not sure how bargain'basement I'll be going on all of my squads. What I do know is that this army needs more infantry, stat. I'll try to have an ultimate (for now) destination army liist up ASAP. Now, off to poke away at Army Construction Software in the hopes of creating a new and more capable army.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brewed With Love

Apparently a search for home brewed turns up beer pictures.
Recently I've been bored at work. I don't just mean a little "I sit at my desk all day greeting people" bored, but "there's nobody coming in here at all because it's so nice outside" bored. Why am I griping about my job on my wargaming blog? Stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this.

When I get bored my mind wanders. this wandering will occasionally inspire me to do something creative. That's what happened last Tuesday. Rather than painting miniatures in my downtime (my actual downtime is not what it was due to wedding stuff) like I used to, I've been riding a spark of creativity.

A while ago I tried to build my own army level World War II battle game. It came out pretty well, it's just that there was nobody to playtest it, let alone collect and game with. on Tuesday, out of extreme boredom, I began to root around my netbook looking for something to read. As I opened up my "Documents" folder my eyes fell upon an old Excel file. I double-clicked on it and up came the spreadsheet. All my old tables and weapon profiles for that old game. They had been sitting there, untouched, for years. As I poured over them I remembered fondly standing around my table pushing my plastic Americans and Germans about and rolling various polyhedral dice to determine these tiny little skirmishes. I hadn't even decided on a morale system yet, so both sides battled fearlessly to the end. I liked those memories, and so I read on, occasionally retouching an item here and there. Then I realized it:

I was working on the rules system again.

I'm okay with beer, so I'll go with it. The President agrees.
That's right, I was back in the thick of working on a home brewed rules system. Feverishly I opened Word and set about formatting the page. Two columns, justified layout, 12 point text. I was ready to go. In a flurry of keystrokes I finished the first few paragraphs describing what the game was about. I had changed the game to a skirmish game, allowing for a minimal buy-in, and a deeper gaming experience. I was, through a minimum of die rolls, able to keep the game streamlined. I did borrow a few concepts from here and there, but I implemented them with my own style. To-hit rolls. To wound rolls are unneeded, so away they went. Saving throws based on the training of the miniature and its surroundings rather than being based purely on what armor they're wearing. Don't get me wrong, armor helps, but knowing to keep your head down helps more. A morale system. now all but the most foolhardy soldiers know to keep to cover. Everything was coming together flawlessly.

Besides, this is supposed to be a "beer and pretzels" passtime.
...At least as far as I can tell. Whenever you create something you tend to look at it through rose-colored glasses, and I don't want that to be the case here. What I need are proofreaders and playtesters. For that I need interest. Etcetra, etcetra.

Now, the rules are a long way away from being done. They're in the roughest of rough playtesting stages right now. I need to play a couple of games of solitaire with the rules to make sure they have even made the transition from platoons duking it out to a squad or two of miniatures doing battle. There are a couple of places I'm shaky on the solidity of the system, not the least of which being saving miniatures from attacks. Morale, being a source of record keeping (albeit with tokens) is a bit questionable as well. Having tokens makes you run away (or at least seek cover), but I'm not sure if these tokens go away fast enough and do they hijack your ability to control the miniature too much.

Finally, a bit of a plug. Robotech RPG Tactics has a Kickstarter going. I'm buying in. I'd really appreciate a reader or two throwing a dollar their way. You see, some of their stretch goals revolve around the number of pledges received, so even throwing a buck their way helps those of us who are actually buying in to get more and better stuff. I mean, I'm already getting quite a haul at my pledge level, but there's always more...

There's a lot of nostalgia fueling my fire to get into this game. The Macross Saga was my favorite cartoon growing up, and being able to refight those battles on the tabletop is just such a cool idea. Veritech fighters are about my favorite mecha out there, and there's a mechanic that allows the machines to seamlessly switch between all three forms during gameplay. Wicked cool.

The gameplay demo looks good, even though the stuff shown is a very basic overview of the game. I have high hopes for this one. Even if I never get to play the game, having all those model Veritechs, Destroids, and Battle Pods will be super cool. Here's the dilemma- do I get the Battlefoam bag? It looks slick, and it'll be a great place to store and transport my minis, but $99? That's a bit hard to swallow.

Now, back to defining terrain and the effect it has on gameplay.