Thursday, March 21, 2013

Autocannon Conversion Revision

There has been a slight change to my conversion concept. I found this image online and I was able to get my hands on a couple of Chaos Terminator Reaper Autocannons today. I've decided that I like the look of the above mini enough to parrot it, although mine will probably look a bit different. I expect to get the parts in the next few days, and from there I'll post some pictures once I get the conversion together.

I'm still pondering what to name my legion. I'm thinking the something Vassals. Vassals of Blood? Dark Vassals? Who knows?

Also, I'd like a chapter badge. There are those skulls on the Chaos Marine transfer sheet, but they're just so dull. I'd freehand it if I felt confident in my painting skills, and more importantly had an idea as to what to use as a badge. Maybe if I were to freehand something behind the skull? It's tough coming up with an idea. Maybe I'll combine two decals...

Until then, I'm working on my Chosen, who are almost finished. Pictures soon!

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