Sunday, March 17, 2013

Helbrute Conversion Conundrum

I've been scouring the interwebz for a while now, looking for conversion ideas for changing my Helbrute's Multi Meltas into Autocannons, and there are two front runners. First up, I found somebody who simply chopped out the Multi Melta barrels and stuck the front of a Chaos Terminator Reaper Autocannon in the resulting slot. No fuss, no muss. There is of course the down side that there is a rumor floating around that good ol' GW is going to forbid their retailers to chop up their boxes and sell them bit-by-bit, forcing their customers to buy entire boxes if they want a single bit rather than pay the slight premium to get the part they want. I'm not really a fan of this policy, especially since it really puts the screws to my idea to create plastic Autocannon-armed Havocs out of some Imperial Guard Autocannons and plastic Chaos Marines.

The alternate idea is much more devious. Just take some plastic tubing, cut it to the right size, and just slide it on into the multi-melta barrels, like so:

I'm just wondering what I'll use to make the end of the barrels? I suppose a trek over to Michael's is in order to see if I can find the right bits.

In the mean time, my Flamer & Close Combat Weapon armed Chaos Marines are inching along toward completion. I hope to have them up here some time after class tomorrow.

UPDATE: According to Bitz Barn, the rumor is true.

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