Monday, March 4, 2013

More Painting- Dust & 40k

Whole lotta paintin' goin' on!

Well, so far only dullcote-ing, but that still leads to pictures for you! First up, those Chaos Cultists I promised.

They continue the dark colors the previous cultists displayed, since I kind of want them to fade into the background when compared to the Chaos Space Marines. Now it's a waiting game until the Chaos Marines and Daemon Prince arrive. After that, Daemons! I hear you get more Daemons for the point now, so I'm looking forward to my fleshy warp-horde.

Next, Dust. First up, another squad of Red Devils. As mentioned before I really don't care for them on the table. I do have them though, so painted they are.

...And what Red Devils would be complete without Action Jackson? Here he is in all of his two-phasered glory!

Finally on the Dust front comes the Spotter Team. I'm trying them out on and off whenever points permit. I'm pretty sure they'll come into their own once the walking Long Tom comes out, but for right now they're pretty good for calling in an off board Long Tom strike instead of my command squad.

Finally, back to 40k. Remember how I said I regretted not painting up the Chaos Lord's tabard plate like the rest of his armor? well I repainted it to allieve that regret.

Next up, some more Dust Infantry 3, and an old friend returns to the painting table. Stay tuned!


  1. If I didn't know better I'd think you were an unholy painting robot with the amount of minis you churn out. Looks like you found the camera? Also if there was supposed to be a picture of spotters it got lost in the tubes somewhere.

  2. Oops... And I already deleted it from my desktop. I'll check elsewhere.