Thursday, March 14, 2013

Revision of Helbrutes

Getting the axe? Or just the saw?

I know that Helbrutes (I've been spelling their names wrong this whole time) are sub-optimal choices, but the model is so slick I want to run it any way. What, then, is the ideal armament? Multi-Melta? It seems no. Dual Power Fists? while it would look cool, it would be even less effective than the Multi-Melta loadout. Twin-linked Heavy Bolter? Lots of shots, but not a lot of killing power. Reaper Autocannon? It only has a 36" range, but now we may be in business. Two shots, Strength 7, twin-linked... It may not be a rifleman Dreadnought, but it's cheap and can flay Hull Points off of enemy vehicles. Even better, it's only a 5 point upgrade.

So that makes the mini 105 points with what I would call the "best" (as the model lacks any dual-weapon loadouts, and it would be a hassle to remove the Powerfist, which would make the model look a lot less cool any way) equipment the former Dreadnought can carry.

Now, let me make one thing clear- this army is a project to see what kind of an army one can make with two Dark Vengance sets. It's not really a project to build an ideal army (that's why I have my Dark Eldar) but I don't want to get squashed every game either. Thus, I'm taking some constructive criticism.

To that end, I have put together the following army list:


Chaos Lord (warlord) w/ Plasma Pistol, Mark of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption, The Murder Sword, Veterans of the Long War- 160 pts.

Daemon Prince w/ Power Armor, Wings, Daemon of Khorne, Axe of Blind Fury- 255 pts.


Chosen x6 w/ Power Axe x2, Power Fist x2, Veterans of the Long War; Chosen Champion w/ Lightning Claws- 250 pts.

Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon- 105 pts.

Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon- 105 pts.


Chaos Cultists x9 w/ Flamer; Cultist Champion- 55 pts.

Chaos Cultists x9 w/ Flamer; Cultist Champion- 55 pts.

Chaos Cultists x9 w/ Autogun x8, Heavy Stubber; Cultist Champion w/ Shotgun- 65 pts.

Chaos Space Marines x9 w/ Plasma Gun x2, Mark of Nurgle; Aspiring Champion w/ Power Fist, Plasma Pistol- 250 pts.

Chaos Space Marines x9 w/ Flamer x2, Close Combat Weapon x9, Mark of Khorne; Aspiring Champion w/ Power Axe- 199 pts.


1,499 pts.
HQ: 2

Note that the Chosen no longer have the Mark of Khorne. That means that the Chaos Lord is now running with the Khornate Chaos Space Marines. This spreads out the hitting power a little bit, as the Chosen come with two attacks each, and Rage plus a Chaos Lord is a touch overkill.

Another thing, the Mark of Nurgle is a touch out of place. I'd like to take it away from the squad, but it would drastically reduce the squad's staying power. Besides that, what would I do with the points? Probably more ablative Chosen.

In the end I'm still skeptical about my ability to convert the Helbrutes, but if indeed they just get shot dead early on, it's a waste of 200 points. That's probably worse than the pains of conversion ahead of me.

I wonder if my Creepy Local Hobby Shop (CLHS) has any plastruct tubes? Guess I'll check in a day or two.

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