Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big, Bad Skaven

Whole Lotta Skaven Goin' On
 Well, the 2,250 point Skaven vs. Orcs & Goblins showdown has been made official, and a date has been set. This Friday there will be a clash of horde armies, and I may be fighting uphill in terms of sheer volume of models. "Why?" you may find yourself asking. Simple. I'm taking every big model I own. "Why?" you may again ask. Well, either I've never used them before, or I forgot some of a given model's rules, leading to it under-performing in previous battles. Plus, big honkin' models are just cool. The only model I'm unsure about is the Screaming Bell, as it seems counter-intuitive to place my non-fighty general directly in harm's way. Luckily, as long as the Screaming Bell itself does not get wrecked, the unit pushing it is Unbreakable. Added to the impact hits the unit will cause, plus the inclusion of three sledgehammer close-combat units. Now, I'm not too sure how this army will preform as it's got a bunch of unknown factors in it, but there's enough to this army that I am sure of to make me comfortable enough with it to field it.

"But what is actually in this army?" you may well ask.
"You ask too many questions," I'd reply. Then I'd rattle off the following army list:

1x Grey Seer (General) with Screaming Bell, Power Scroll, Ironcurse Icon (480 points)

1x Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer with Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation (120 points)
1x Warlock Engineer with Warplock Pistol, Doomrocket (53 points)

44x Clanrats with shields, full command; attached Poison Wind Mortar (283 points)
40x Clanrats with shields, full command; attached Poison Wind Mortar (265 points)
40x Skavenslaves (80 points)
40x Skavenslaves (80 points)

7x Gutter Runners with slings, Poisoned Attacks (126 points)
6xRat Ogres; 4x Packmasters (272 points)

1x Doomwheel (150points)
1x Hell Pit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes (250 points)
1x Warp-Lightning Cannon (90 points)

As you can see, I dumped a lot of points into Rare units, and kept my Heroes to a minimum. Really, all that's required of Skaven characters is to have a commander and a Battle Standard Bearer to keep your low-leadership rats in line.

That's all for this army list, as I don't really want to give away my tactics until after the battle, but let's just say that no flank is safe from this army.


  1. Quite the little horde you have there, though I'd expected more at 2500 points.

    In unrelated news, my order (and therefore your paint) came in yesterday. I can drop it by at some point. I was going to say we could get a game in on Friday as well, but looks like you have plans already. We could do tomorrow, though again the only thing I'd really be prepared for is Blood Angels. While I'm glad to take more shots at those damned Plague Marines of yours, I'm also glad to switch things up if you like, though it'll be a bit of a bumpy ride while I remember other game systems.

  2. I'm not doing anything on Friday until ~7:30 (when I leave) so I'd be down for a game then. Your call on game system, though Siege would like a crack at your Winterguard Deathstar.

    Tomorrow would also work. Again, your call as I'm flexible until school starts (assuming the grant comes through).

  3. Oh, also, this is a 2,250 point army... My bad.

  4. Friday Warmachine sounds good. That'll give me a bit to flip back through the book and remember how the fiddly bits work. 11 sound good? I'll let you pick points.

  5. Friday Warmachine it is!

    35 points sounds good to me.

  6. 35 it is. I may be closer to noon tomorrow, but I'll let you know as usual.