Thursday, January 20, 2011

The First Abomination

Well, today I'm off to pick up my first of two Hell Pit Abominations. Why two? Isn't that a bit... over the top?

No. A single Abomination will attract every flaming attack on the board. White Lions of Chrace, Dwarf cannons, hydras, you name it. I need a way to deal with these threats.Redundancy is the key.  Now, I do normally run a unit of Rat Ogres to deal with such things, but they lack the pure devastation that a pair of Abominations can dish out. Maybe I'll discover differently, as I do have to drop my Warp-Lightning Cannon for the HPA, which does nerf my firebase quite substantially, but with the Dreaded Thirteenth spell almost guaranteed to go off with a Power Scroll, and a rather sizable unit of Gutter Runners to take out enemy artillery, I think I'm fairly safe.

For now I'll keep experimenting with a single Abomination (I'm hoping to get two games in tomorrow night) and the cannon, but at 2,250 points or more the second Abomination comes out to play along with the planned Screaming Bell.

Too bad I can't get Demitra interested in Fantasy. I think once he got past the background (he doesn't like it as much as 40k) he'd enjoy the more tactical challenge. I think he'll get bored with "run-across-the-board-and-chop-everything-into-tiny-bits" over and over again eventually.

...But I've been wrong before.


  1. I don't have anything against Fantasy, it's just a case of already having way too much to paint as it is. I have Blood Angels, Orks, Khador, Iron Dwarves, and Imperial Humans on the table at the moment, and that's just the stuff that's put together. I have an Empire army in various states of assembly and painting (and damage as a lot of it sat out for a while) that's down the line somewhere, but I already have one horde army to paint, and Fantasy isn't going to be something quick to do. Plus there's a whole new rule set to learn, one that I assume is changed much more from the past edition (5th? 6th?) that I wasn't really used to than the relatively minor changes I've had to accommodate in 40k. So it's really like picking up a new game, which I'm not opposed to in theory, but as things stand now it's not something I'm looking to do.

    As for the background, I have no issues with it. It's a somewhat generic fantasy, but I do enjoy generic fantasy so it scratches the right itches. I like the Skaven fluff in particular and the Empire costuming/models are nice. i've been wanting to do a Dwarf army for a while, but see above for that. Then there's Chaos, which I guess is probably the closest you can come to a small, elite force in Fantasy. I have a thing for catapults and castles, fantasy in general really. So it's not a case of not wanting to play the game, it's a case of not wanting to add yet another project to my list, not to mention still more miniatures to an already unwieldy horde.

  2. See gigantic rambling entry on front page.