Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fleshy Daemon Prince Goodness

Yep, done with another mini. This one was completed yesterday, and I even got him Dullcoted. Of course, now I'm running low on varnish, but it's too humid to do any varnishing now any way.

I'm a big fan of how he turned out. I was a touch skeptical toward myself when I decided to do all of the flesh in the army in a fleshy color. Honestly, I thought the Daemons might look a bit goofy. It turns out they look pretty spiffy (in my own humble opinion). I can't wait to paint up the Bloodletters!

First, of course, I need to get through the rest of my Chaos Marines. Next up is a squad of close-combat armed fellows. My army has been re-tweaked again due to reading some internet "wisdom", and I dropped a few Cultists to give my Plasmagun squad the Mark of Nurgle, and the Chainsword/Flamer lads the Mark of Khorne. I figure this will allow the squads to do what they need to do (get into shootouts and hack things to pieces respectively). We'll see how they turn out, but here's a work-in-progress shot of my current squad to hold you over until I have time to paint them up:

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