Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Evil Grows Just a Little More

Yep, it's another Archon for my Dark Eldar. I didn't have one with a Huskblade, and AP 2 + Instant Death are nice, so here he is. I really didn't paint him today for any particular reason, it just finally got to me seeing him there in my case unpainted. Now if only the bug will get in me to paint up that last Raider...

Monday, June 17, 2013

In The Emperor's Name- Dark Angels

Dark Angels Strike Team Astrael
I spent some time this weekend working on a few models for In the Emperor's Name, a 40k skirmish scale game using an interesting set of rules. Combat is fast and bloody, but unfortunately the rules are a bit scattered to the winds. I've been able to (for the most part) get them together in my hands, but I don't think I have the entire weapon statistics page. What I do have is a collection of weapon costs and ranges, but not a list of special rules that apply to them. It's enough to get started though, and provided I can:

A) find an opponent
B) enjoy the game

I'll start a profile on their forums and ask for some clarity as to the nature of some weapons. For now I'm just painting up retinues for the game, and the first to be completed is my Dark Angels. Here are some individual pics of the minis:

Librarian Astrael

Brother Erasmus

Brother Sephiroth
Brother Elazul
Brother Lazarus

I'm pleased with how they came out, and while not my greatest accomplishments ever, I think they're to a higher standard than I normally paint. Next project: Chaos Space Marines for them to do battle with. Let's see how I paint red and black.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Heldrake #2 Painted Plus Anima Tactics

The pain is over. The second Heldrake is fully painted. Now that I have both of them, my current army needs only the second Chaos Marine squad and my Chaos Lord in order to be finished. I guess my time off from work was well worth it.
Now, with two finished and ready for the table, the end of the army is in sight.

In gaming news, my fiance' and I played a game of Anima: Tactics. The groups are 200 levels rather than the usual 300 as this was a "remembering how to play" game rather than a full-on game. What we really came away with from this battle is the fact that Samiel is a complete beast. He's a Cuisinart in combat, and once he starts getting Power Tokens he's nearly impossible to kill. If you play Empire, he's pretty much an auto-include. The game was a lot of fun, even though Samiel basically ran roughshod through the Samael party.

Now on to painting those last 11 Chaos Marine miniatures!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Before The Rain: X-Wing Mat 2

Another really quick one- this time my second mat for X-Wing. I went to town a little more on this one. The spiral galaxy didn't come out quite right, but I doubt anybody will complain.

Now if FFG will ever release another wave of minis for this game. With Dust gone they've got no excuse for dragging their heels- short of wanting to kill the game.

X-Wing Hope Holdout- Gaming Mat 1

Today's project required a bit less focus. Today I worked up a game mat for X-Wing. It's pretty much impossible to find an opponent around here (granted, I haven't really gauged Demitra's interest too much), but I needed a distraction. My next mat (I have one more) will be a big blue nebula. I like Gale Force 9's "I swear it's not the Death Star" mat, but this is just plain cheaper. Plus it gives me something to do. Now onward to painting the next piece of felt!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Havoc-O-Rama! ...Plus Lasers

Well, my laser-to-eye thingy was a success. I probably shouldn't have, but I put the last couple of finishing touches on my Havocs yesterday, and varnished them today. All in all I'd say this batch was successful.
There are no squad leaders to show, as I'm using Chosen with bolters to represent them. At least they'll be good for something, eh?
Many thanks go out to Demitra for providing me with the gargoyle heads for my lascannons. the barrels just looked too imperial without them. No self-respecting Chaos worshiper would be caught dead looking like some dog of the False Emperor. I'm just glad I got the lascannons before the start of the GW Bits Embargo.
Now, as my Chaos Marines inch toward completion, I find myself staring down the barrel of painting that second accursed Heldrake. It's an inevitability, I must tackle that second monstrosity. For now however, I will rest my eyes. The Price is Right is on in forty or so minutes. I suppose I can watch that.