Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Chaos Marine Revision- The Fall of the Chosen

So, after my first game of 40k 6th edition against Demitra, I have found my army... lacking. In particular ifn the mobility department. Now, Demitra clearly had the advantage going into this one as he could just park in his deployment zone while I had to slog toward him, but in the end my force had one glaring hole in it. Mobility.

It is to this end that I introduce the long feared, oft seen Heldrake into my army. This first one comes equipped with a Baleflamer for sure. It will be great for rooting models out of cover, an ability I sorely need. The question remains, does the second model get a Hades Autocannon?

The question comes up because of my need for air superiority. The Heldrakes are great, and I mean GREAT aircraft-daemon-beastie thingies, but will simple Strength 7 Vector Strikes cut the mustard against other flyers? The Baleflamer can't be fired into the air, the Autocannon can (albeit at BS 3). Without owning the air, I can't safely move across the ground.

I think the answer is clear (due to the Ballistic Skill), Baleflamer, but the Hades Autocannon just stays stuck in my head.

So, with a $100 gift card I got my hands on, I grabbed both a Heldrake and another Chaos Marine squad- this one to turn into Havocs. I went home and fired up my netbook to build a list. I am a bit bummed that I had to strip the marks off of every unit except the Daemon Prince, but oh well- that's what the Bloodletters will be for.

Chaos Lord (warlord) w/ Sigil of Corruption, The Murder Sword, Veterans of the Long War- 130 pts.
Daemon Prince w/ Power Armor, Wings, Daemon of Khorne, Axe of Blind Fury- 255 pts.

Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon- 105 pts.
Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon- 105 pts.

Chaos Cultists w/ Flamer- 55 pts.
Chaos Cultists w/ Flamer- 55 pts.
9x Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 Plasmaguns, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Fist- 220 pts.
9x Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 Flamers, 2 additional Close Combat Weapons, 7 Close Combat Weapons, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion w/ Power Axe- 179 pts.

Heldrake w/ Baleflamer- 170 pts.

9 Havocs w/ 4 Meltaguns, 9 Additional Close Combat Weapons, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion w/ Power Axe- 223 pts.

Why Melta? Isn't that weapon dead with 6th? Well, not so much. It's still a great anti-mech weapon, it still kills Space Marines (all the way up to Terminators) dead, and it still allows you to assault afterward.

I've dumped the Chosen. At their point cost they're just not able to do anything more than get shot dead. I love the models, and I'm glad they're painted, just not so much on the table.

Next week in gaming is now a question... Dark Eldar or Heldrake?

Only time will tell.

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