Thursday, February 28, 2013

Suddenly... Chaos Space Marines!

Well, the siren song that is 40k called to me, and I just had to answer. I picked up Warhammer 40,000- Dark Vengance the other day from my FNSLGS, and as soon as I got home, in a flurry of snippers, X-Acto knife blades, glues of various kinds, ballast, and spray paint, I had the beginnings of a "learn to play" Chaos Marine army. I've been working through mastering my understanding of the new rules system, and I must say that apart from a few things, it's still 40k at its heart.

After skimming the rules a few times I got to laying brush to mini. I wanted a nice pallet from which to work up my color scheme. After coming to the decision that Word Bearers just weren't for me (I really just don't care for the Dark Apostle mini) I decided that my own home-brewed chapter was the way to go. From there I decided that I wanted metallic armor with colored trim. I hadn't used Nauseous Blue for a while, and so it was decided. Bronze armor with blue trim!

I had bought a ton of flesh colors for my Amazon army, but since my 135 missing spears still have not arrived from The Wargames Foundry (I would recommend them less and less) that army is in stasis. I decided to try my hand at massive areas of flesh on the Hellbrute! With my colors decided, away I went.

You can see the result below as my "less than stellar resolution" period continues. I have access to the camera again, so pictures should return to normal soon, I promise. For now, be contented with the fact that I'm back to painting 40k for a while, which will lead to more and more stuff to show off here in the future. Next: Chaos Lord and Cultists!

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  1. Cool man, glad someone is excited about 40k. Maybe you can infect me. I have many models still to paint for multiple armies (though I have gotten rid of 6 or so armies since last summer). I really need to paint up a new 2k or so army and try the game again.