Friday, March 22, 2013

More Progress, Plus Spears!

Well, my painting question was answered by the Gaming Gods. Looking down the "Coming Attractions" list on the right there, I suddenly remembered that I has a building from Dust that needed a lick or two of paint. While rooting around in my gaming closet trying to find it, I came across what little AT-43 terrain I had remaining after the Great Gaming Purge of a couple days ago. The storage containers, while slick, needed to have all the AT-43 references removed from them, so into the painting cue they went. I started by doing a little tweaking of the Dust building, adding some pieces of plasticard to look like the building's roof had collapsed:

From there, I added a touch of ballast here and there to look like rubble collected on the roof:

And finally, outside to paint. I started with mu usual Rust-Oleum automotive primer, a step which I totally forgot to take a photo of. From there, I lightly sprayed the structure with Army Painter's Skeleton Bone paint, resulting in this:

I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the building from here. I have some wood stain somewhere (I think) that could be slathered across the model. That may or may not look slick. I'll have to think on it.

While that was drying, I sprayed the AT-43 crates with the Krylon silver spray paint I have laying around. Once dry, I hit it with Tamiya Smoke. Upon reflection, I think the pieces could use a drybrushing, so I guess they're not quite done yet.

Finally, and the reason my terrain projects are not quite finished, my spears from the Wargames Foundry arrived today! About dang time. At least my Amazon army is fully assembled now.

The spears look pretty good on the minis, and unlike the ones from the original packaging these won't snap at a glance.

That's all there is to report right now. Now off to drybrush those crates and find that stain (assuming I didn't pitch it).

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  1. Sweet, congrats on getting the spears. W&C is slowing making a resurgence at Huzzah with the first game in a while being played last night (5/16). It was 1000pts and saw Gaels vs Imperial Romans. I'm hoping to have 1000pts of my Saxons done by the end of the month too. -Jay