Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strategic Assets

We're finally on our way!
Well, my Incubi / Haemonculi order's status just changed from "Being Processed" to "Dispatched", so I should be able to get started on them pretty soon.

My focus lately has been on the "Strategy Deck" for the campaign Demitra is so keen on running. I like the idea of all the battles being linked by a story, and I'm eager to contribute in my own way. The idea is to employ a deck of normal playing cards to bring variety to some otherwise mundane battles. after each game both players will draw a card and consult the chart for which cards mean what. The winner of the battle then gets to draw a second card and decide which of the two cards he'd like to keep. This gives the victorious player an edge without overpowering the loser.

Cards can be played at certain times during the battle to give a small edge to your army. Things I'm considering are "play this card at the beginning of the assault phase to give a unit Furious Charge this turn" or "Play at the beginning of the game to turn all daytime turns into Night Fighting and vice-versa". These cards can swing the tide of the battle, but not unless played at the right time. Certain cards would cancel out the effects of others, for example any card of the same suit cancels out the card played.

Things are still in the get-go stages, but once I have the deck fully sorted out I'll be sure to post the rules here.


  1. Sounds good, but I should point out all my lads already have Furious Charge. Color me curious how your Incubi turn out. Friday morning can work for gaming if you like, but fair warning: game 2 of the Cap's first round series is Friday night so I'll need to be done by 3 or so. Shouldn't be a problem, but supplying relevant information and all.

  2. Ah, but the card would not be useless, as it could still be used to counter an enemy card! I intentionally put some common abilities in the deck to make some cards more useful to some armies than others. For instance: one of the cards gives a unit "Fleet", but my whole army already has that ability. For other armies this can be a huge deal.

    The cards may require some playtesting, but that's half the fun.