Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Dark Eldar Armies

Get it? Little Dark Eldar?
Well, I've settled on my starting point for my Dark Eldar Combat Patrol (assuming that is indeed where we begin). the list contains:

-4x Incubi; Raider (148)

-10x Kabalite Warriors; Raider (175)
-8x Wyches; Hekatrix with Agoniser; Raider (170)

This comes to 493 points, and forms a solid core for future expansions. The Incubi and Wyches create a powerful assault / counter assault force, while the Kabalite Warriors are a solid firebase. Three Raiders give me all the anti-armor punch I could need, as well as high mobility. Again, I'm somewhat concerned about the prospect of hordes, but the Wyches and Incubi should be able to handle whatever the splinter weapons fail to kill.

A month or so after, the army should look like this:

-Haemonculus with Liquifier Gun (60)

-5x Incubi; Raider with Flickerfield (180)

-10x Kabalite Warriors; Raider with Flickerfield (185)
-10x Wyches with Shardnet and Impaler; Hekatrix with Agoniser; Raider with Flickerfield (210)

Heavy Support
-Ravager with Flickerfield (115)

750 points on the button. I haven't expanded my army beyond this point, as there is as of yet no need to, but I'm liking the way things are looking.


  1. Is there a handy online resource where I can find stats for these special weapons? A Liquifier Gun sounds nasty but I have no idea what form of nasty. I assume Dark Lances are the same as they've always been, but the rest are a mystery.

  2. Not really an online resource, but you can check out my Codex when you stop by. The really bad bit about the Liquifier Gun is the AP.