Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Post From My iPhone

I'm trying something new tonight. I just finished my last squad of Kabalite Warriors, and for reasons beyond my control, I don't have access to my computer. I'm therefore trying out the functions on my phone.

The picture looks a little dark, but it's not too horrible. This spells the end of my painting infantry for a while. Now it's on to painting my last Raider!


  1. Posting from a phone is less than ideal, but a viable alternative when you need one. Are you down to just the Raider? I'll get out the Blood Angels this week to slap some basecoats on them after I finish up the Carnivean, which will hopefully be Monday.

  2. Back to my actual computer!

    I still need two Venoms, and the Raider as well as the last three Kabalite Trueborn. It'll be a while before I can buy the Venoms and the primer I'll need for the Trueborn, so you've got some time yet.