Friday, February 10, 2012

One More Ravager (And More)

There's one thing that has remained consistent about my Dark Eldar army- it will have three Ravagers. To that end, I finished painting another today. I kind of had to trudge through this one, so I think I'll treat myself to something. I'm kind of torn between the second Blasterborn squad and the slave girls. I think I'll roll a die to choose between the two. I 1-3 gets me the Trueborn, a 4-6 means I'll go with the objective markers. Well, off to determine my destiny!
I rolled a 4. That means I painted up the slave girls I had laying around in my bits bag. They're appropriate objective markers for a slave raiding army, I think. I painted them up to have the same purple cloth as the rest of my army. Next I'll be starting on a Raider for my Wyches.

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