Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Forward Progress- Raider and Trueborn

Well, yet another vehicle done and dusted. This time I got one of the Raiders that will be transporting around my Wyches. The difference between this one and the one for my big squads of Kabalite Warriors is small, but noteworthy. The rune on the sail has been replaced with what I can only assume is a Wych cult symbol- a hand holding a barbed whip against a red field. Since my warriors all have a red tube going over their left shoulder and red eyes, I figured the transfer wouldn't clash too badly with the color scheme. I may have been mistaken. The red against the purple field just isn't doing it for me. I may paint over the transfer and use another one on one of the prow plates on both sides. I don't think the transfers clash as much on that color.
That wasn't the only boo-boo on this model. For some reason Games Workshop saw fit to have two of the engines on the back of the model be attached by a ball and socket joint. This led to the above messed up engine (it's the one on the left, circled in red). It probably won't be all that noticable on the table, but it bothers me. I wish there was some way to fix it, but once the plastic cement I use dries, it's basically impossible to pry the model back apart. Usually this is a good thing, but in this case... Not so much.
That's not all of the progress I've made over the last few days. Behold my second squad of Blaster armed Trueborn! I think these shredder-to-blaster conversions came out pretty well. It's nice to have the two different Trueborn squads toting different styles of Blaster on the two squads. This way if an opponent asks how they can distinguish between the two squads, I can just point to the Blasters. With this squad complete, I can now refocus my attention on the last Ravager. I'm really not looking forward to painting it, but once it's done I'll be nearly finished painting this army.

In other, related news, the order I placed from the Bitz Barn arrived yesterday. This leaves me with my final Trueborn squad (two with Splinter Cannons, one with a Splinter Rifle) fully assembled. That's right, I now have every last infantry model this army needs. I say "needs" because at some point I intend to add a pair of Wrack squads to my collection if only to break up the monotony of fielding nothing but Warriors and Trueborn. Incubi will also be an option, but I want to come out of the gate swinging. This may not be the "optimal" netlist, but it's very strong. I intend to learn the army with the best possible loadout in order to maximize my likelihood of winning, and thus be less likely to get discouraged with the army.

Unfortunately I'm out of Chaos Black spraypaint now. I know I could just get another, cheaper brand, but I don't want to have varied "textures" of paint between squads. This should be the last time I give GW money for paint for a while, and it should last through the painting of all the rest of my minis I intend to add to this army. Baron Sathonyx, 4 Beastmasters, 10 Khymerae, 10 Wracks, and 4 more Venoms (two for the Warriors, and two painted up for the Wracks). Oh, I also have two swarms of Razorwings made out of old metal Vampire Counts Bat Swarms. I like the minis more, as:

1. They're less expensive. $15 for two bases, whereas the real minis are $12.25 a pop.
2. They're made of metal. I really don't like the flexiness (is that a word?) of Finecast resin.
3. They're not on flight stands. I can't stand those things. Odd for a person who's doing an entire army of floating vehicles, but there it is.

Next time I'll have my last Raider to show off (probably Friday or Saturday). Hold on to your hats, folks. I almost have an entire army painted (again), and this one's not dipped!

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  1. What if you put a white border around the decal? It'd pop off the sail, plus you already have white on your palette with all the hair.