Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dark Eldar: Looking Into the Future

Well, I recieved a bonus check today at my job, and I, like a good little addict, am trying to decide what "plastic crack" I'm going to spend my money on. Right now (after the current shipment, of course) I'm looking at the following:

- One more box of Kabalite Warriors (to make two more five-warrior squads and one last Blaster for my Trueborn).

- A box of Crypt Ghouls and a box of Empire Flagellants from which to convert my two units of five Wracks. Also ten 25mm round bases to base them for 40k.

- Four more Venoms (one for each five strong squad listed above).

-A box of Scourges to convert into Baron Sathonyx and four Beastmasters.

-A box of Dire Wolves and a box of Hormagaunts to make Khymerae from. I'll also need some 40mm round bases for these suckers. Ten total.

-A blister of Bat Swarms to turn into three Razorwing Flocks. Also another three 40mm round bases.

That's another fairly hefty order. Luckily I'm picking up some extra hours at work this week to help cover the expense (should be worth about $70 extra). That plus my little bonus will help put quite a dent in the forthcoming bill.

I find myself in a bit of a conundrum, however. Do I put the money towards more minis, or do I put it toward that Battlefoam bag I've been longing for? Hmm... The internal debate rages.


  1. As usual I'd counsel patience. Also the bag. But first patience. Play some games, see how the army works, then proceed from there. Also, plastic beast kits start hitting this month. While I haven't seen the Skorne ones just yet, they're bound to be in the pipeline. Alternatives and all that.

  2. Yean, but Hordes just ain't doin' it for me right now. In fact, PP as a whole has me a bit turned off. Oh, I enjoy playing their games and all, but as far as modelling goes, I'm in a Dark Eldar kind of mindset.

    The whole point of this bonus (as far as I see it) is to go out and get something I'll enjoy. I think a Battlefoam bag or more modeling goodness is right up that alley. In fact, I already put in an eBay bid for some of the bat swarms I intend to make my Razorwings out of. We'll see if my bid holds up in the next day of so. I haqd to jump on this purchase because metal GW stuff is getting harder and harder to find, let alone buy. I'm really trying to avoid Flexi-Cast stuff like the plague.

    I'm really into the look of the Dark Eldar, and I wouldn't mind having a large-ish collection of them to tool around with, especially since they're the polar opposite of my Plague Marines. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy them, as they're basically Cryx 40,000.

    But as you say, we'll see...