Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minor Update- Ravager In Progress

Not much on the painting front to report today. I've put the first coat down on the last of my Ravagers, and it feels good to be on the final one of these nightmares. Let me tell you, reaching around all these corners is a gigantic pain. I know what you're thinking, "just save the final assembly for after you've finished painting the component pieces." That's not really an option. The sponsons need to be securely glued in place, and that means model cement. Model cement doesn't melt spraypaint so well, and I need to prime the underside of the model as well.

I also missed a couple of places with the primer, and that had to be rectified with some quick Chaos Black touchups. Luckily they were on inside surfaces that will never get touched.

Oh, hey, Demitra- I need to buy some Scurf Green the next time you place a mail order, as my bottle is almost out. Just give me a heads up the next time and I'll give you a few dollars.

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  1. It should be a bit before I put another order in since I just got one in on Monday. Then again, the Legion beast kit comes out at the end of the month, so perhaps it'll be sooner than expected.