Monday, February 6, 2012

Bad Vassal

Well, I folded. I threw together my Dark Eldar in a few days. I know, build one, paint one was the mantra, but there's so little there it'll be tough to get overwhelmed by the volume of stuff left.  Having finished assembling and basing the minis, I took them outside to prime them.
Over the next few days, I painted up one of the Venoms, five Kabalite Warriors, and four of the Blasterborn.
I'm most pleased with how the Trueborn came out. I decided to add bronze accents to the shoulderpads and kneepads. The Blaster-ized Dark Lances came out better than expected. I'm really a fan of the heavier look of the weapons. I wonder how the converted Shredders will look fully painted?
Next, however, it's time for a Ravager. They're the most annoying minis in my army, so I may as well get them out of the way now.

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