Friday, February 17, 2012

Final Ravager Finalized

That's right, I'm done painting Ravagers. This one, as stated before, was a chore. At least it's over and done with. You may have noticed the sort of "crown of thorns" around the vehicle. It's a sharp and pokey as it looks. More than once I had to put the model down because it was becoming uncomfortable to hold. In the end, however, it came out looking pretty spiffy, so it was totally worth it.

I'm hoping to start the five Kabalite Warriors. I may or may not get through them today (having Fridays off really helps me get my painting done).

Tonight I'm running my sister through either a game of MalifauX or Warmachine. The gaming virus within my family grows stronger! I was really surprised when she texted me asking if I was willing to run her through an intro. I will have to brush up on my MalifauX rules should she decide that's what she's into, but I still have most of the rules down. I think I'll just need a quick reference sheet. We'll see how tonight goes. Hopefully I'll have a new opponent some time soon.

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