Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Return of Some Classics

Yesterday, Demitra returned the Skaven miniatures I had given him many moons ago. In the box I found my original Warhammer general, who now enjoys a place of honor in my display cabinet. Also inside were 8 Gutter Runners, 3 Warpfire Throwers, 5 Jezzails (including a champion!), a Doomwheel, and my Screaming Bell. All these models are first sculpts, which while it makes them smaller than the current models, will give a real "retro" feel to my Skaven.
Of course, they'll need a bath in Simple Green and some rebasing and repainting in order to get them to match the current color scheme for the army, but having these little blighters back just kinda warms my heart.

Oh, while I'm on a retro kick, for those of you who remember the old Damsel model, here she is:

I actually spent a bit of time painting her. Of course, like all models I really like, she's purple. The red hair served to contrast the purple nicely, and her white gloves and belt were used as an alternative to the usual jade green I use. I think she turned out well above my average ability (see my Deathwing).

I intend to place a photo counterpart to Demitra's video (yes, video!) battle report soon. Right now however I'm just throwing up some quick updates before I go to work. I just don't have time to re-size the photos for posting right now...

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  1. I've got lots more of your old stuff if you want some more blasts from the past, though I think that's all the Skaven stuff.