Monday, January 30, 2012

Miniature Market Shipment Arrival

This arrived while I was out. Luckily someone was home at the time to accept the shipment. Inside is the remainder of my Dark Eldar army. After snapping this photo, out came my X-Acto knife and I began slicing up the tape. Inside was quite a surprise...
This does not look like the can of Chaos Black spray paint I asked for. With trepidation I continued unpacking the rest of my order.

After sifting through the copious volume of Styrofoam peanuts I dug out my order. Looked like everything was there, so I double checked everything.
Everything seems to be present and accounted for. 2 Raiders, 2 Ravagers, 2 Kabalite Warriors, and a Venom. So despite the one foul up I think everything came through okay. In the end this ordering experience was not up to par with the War Store (I was really clear that I wanted spray paint, not a paint pot) but the price is right. This one gets 4/5 stars. I'm pretty miffed about the botched paint, but at least they didn't charge me for spraypaint and then send a paint pot.

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