Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Dark Eldar Now?

Well, to be honest, it was a twofold decision. I've been hovering around Warmachine burnout for a bit. It's really nobody's fault, just the fact that I keep gaming against the same faction. Even with two armies it's a touch repetitive. Having gotten Hordes: Primal from Demitra today (thanks again!) hopefully my ability to field my Skorne again will stave off my getting drained of enthusiasm.

The other reason is simple- I have time on my hands now. Not having any responsibilities a couple of days a week really allows me to kick back, put on the Mike O'Meara Show, DC AM, or the D6 Generation, and get some real progress made. I really get motivated when I have nothing better to do.

Depending on weather or not I get a gift card or good ol' fashioned money on Sunday, I'll be able to put a much bigger dent in the army as vehicles are a breeze to paint with so many nice big flat panels on them. With most of my infantry done, the only real thing keeping me from finishing my army is money. We'll see if I can polish off that Ravager tomorrow. All I need to do is run over to the grocery store and then pick up a last-minute present for somebody at Best Buy.

Expect to mainly see Venoms, Raiders, and Ravagers here for a while, as that's what I'll be focusing on for the forseeable future. I'd really like to convert up and paint those Wracks, but I'm saving them for last as a sort of "carrot on a stick" to get me to slog through the nine more vehicles I need to paint up before I get to my ultimate "dream army" for these guys.

I'm having issues visualizing how I want to paint up my Venoms. I definately want to keep up the current pallet I've been using on the Raiders and the Ravager. The problem arises from the purple I've been using on the sails for the Raider-esque models. There's no sail on a Venom, thus no place to paint purple. Since I'm only using the color as an accent I'm leaning toward just saying "forget it" to the color and slapping whatever miniscule amounts of cloth I can find on the two crew members with purple. Being as the crew are wyches, they should at least have some sort of sash tied around their waist, right? Here's hoping.

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  1. We can always switch gears if you're getting a bit worn on Warmachine. I'll have Legion up and running in the nearish future, which will be something new for us both, but in the meantime there's always 40k or Uncharted Seas (though both will require a little relearning).