Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My newest creation.
No, today I really couldn't think of a title, so that's all you get.

I ran out to the fabric store today. I have come to the decision that if I'm going to bring terrain to play Infinity on to the store, I really ought to bring something to put it on. To that end I found this 100% recycled plastic felt. Feeling eco-friendly, I approached the counter at which they cut up said fabric for you, and I asked for a price check. Turns out the material was on sale for $2.99 per yard! Joy!!! This was a sign. reaching into my pocket I produced the stack of one dollar bills I had scrounged. Ten of them. The material, which was also the closest match to the color I paint my terrain, was affordable and just seemed to beckon to me. The right color, the right price, the right material. It was meant to be.

Since fabric is sold by the yard, I would have to do some chopping. I went ahead and got two yards of the stuff. After handing over the correct amount to the cashier, I practically skipped out to my car. I had a gaming mat.

Nothing quite like when a plan comes together.
When I arrived home I grabbed the nearest at hand tape measure, as well as a Sharpie, and set about measuring and marking. Next, the scissors. Unfortunately my scissors are... quite dull, and had a bit of an issue slicing through the felt, but perseverance paid off and I got through the trim down.

I laid my terrain down on the square and came to a horrifying realization. The terrain didn't match! The drybrushing just made the hills look too different. Now I needed a new plan.

I marched off to my room and grabbed the paint can from which I got all my drybrushing paint, and walked outside carrying it, the felt, and a paintbrush. after laying down my newly cut felt square on the porch, I set down my can of paint, took off the lid, and dipped in the brush. Wiping most of the excess off, I began dabbing the tip of the brush against the felt. This produced little spots all over the place, though at a glacial rate. I resolved that, no matter the time investment I would accomplish this mission. On hands and knees I dabbed and dabbed, for half an hour, and then finally stood up.

I don't mind telling you, I was pleased with the result as well as myself. This looked good.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to employ the mat, today is unlikely (I know, I'm already flaking out on Infinity after only one showing), but I have bigger concerns tonight. You see, we're having a wedding party (not so much a shower, as it's too close to the big day) and things are not quite ready to go despite it being in only three days! It's time for a pow-wow with the maid of honor to get things set for the upcoming festivities.

LOS blocking goodness.
I've also set about trying to rectify the (lacking) terrain situation. I have a bunch of junk laying around, so I gathered it up and started gluing it together. Looks like I'll have more chemical tanks in the near future. They're cheap to produce and they look good enough on the table. They also help break up line of sight nicely, especially the one on the left there.

I also have plans to raid Michaels in the near-ish future in order to grab some random bits and bobs. The wood I use as a base for my terrain is from that store, and it's cheap, so I may as well grab some more. Plus I can grab some things like little boxes and maybe even some palm trees or something along those lines. I'll be able to slap all that stuff together in an assortment of interesting ways and hopefully produce some quality terrain to help further obscure minis as they move up the board.

Oh, by the way, for those of you counting:
Exactly one month from today I'll be getting hitched. More and more weird, but not in a bad way.

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