Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Training Wheels

Demitra and I got in another "let's see how this game works" round of Infinity today. It was once again informative, and we learned a few new things. The more I read about this game and learn new strategies the more I'm coming to enjoy it. But then, I've sung this game's praises here before.

I've learned a few things about terrain in Infinity. The primary being that you should empty your terrain stores onto the board. Seriously, plunk it all down. As you can see in my illustration to the left, it is very hard to have too much terrain. I basically upended my terrain box onto the table, and it made for a more interesting and tactical game. Of course, as I have mentioned before, my terrain collection tends to leave some fire lanes open. That is to say my buildings are not terribly good at blocking up lines of fire, as they're, as Demitra put it, "Swiss cheese".

I have managed to find hope for my terrain woes on the interwebz though. At least potentially. It turns out that O-gauge shipping crates like the ones carried on ships are a great size for Infinity. I'm pretty sure they'll be kind of... huge, but if they work they work. One thing is for sure, AT-43 containers like the ones I've painted silver above are right out. They are ungodly expensive no matter where you find them, and as long as gamers with more cash than sense continue to snatch them up they'll remain that way. Curse you law of supply and demand!!!

Terrain woes aside, today's matchup was interesting. I seem to have constructed, at low point values at least, a very defense-oriented group. This irks Demitra to no end, as I have a tendancy to grab some cover and blaze away. I'll admit that this can be a frustrating tactic, but when the alternative is to jump out and get your face shot off, the turtling option really begins to shine. Having a Sin-Eater watching over me may have encouraged me to venture out of my safety zone a bit, but crafty ol' Demitra brought in a Tiger Soldier with HMG in behind my lines and opened up on my poor little Sin-Eater. He kind of died. that meant that this would be my first game without him. My HMG equipped Alguacil spun around to gun down the offender, but he simply slunk behind a statue and hid. My poor Alguacil was promptly gunned down by an enemy sniper, leaving me with no special weapons! Truly an uphill game.

I did manage to off the Tiger Soldier with my first ever use of a coordinated order, catching him in a pincer movement between an Alguacil and my Reverend Moira. Unfortunately, despite my love of the minis, the poor Reverend just doesn't look like she'll make the final cut in anything short of a jurisdictional army. Her stats really aren't up to snuff despite her ODD and Shock close combat weapon. The points dumped into the Reverends I planned to run in that army most likely would do better dumped into another Sin-Eater HMG. I'm going to have to reassess my Bakunin army. Sin-Eaters are in, Pupniks & Chimerae are in, and I will of course have to drop in a couple of Moderators in to give me some Orders...

I'll hit up Infinity Army when I'm done here.

All in all today's game went pretty well, as despite some setbacks I was able to eek out a victory. We'll see what, if anything, tomorrow holds. I'll be grabbing some felt to make a game mat tomorrow at the craft store, and I'll try to get another little skirmish in.

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