Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nomad Nation Paint Redo Results

Well, a lot on Nomads have been painted, in smallish batches. Three at a time unless it's a really big mini like the Szalamandra. Here are the fruits of my labors:

Clockmaker, Sin-Eater & Zero

Daktari & Zondbots

Szalamandra & Pilot

Alguaciles & Interventor

Next up is another Alcuacile, a Securitate, and a Reverend Moira. I also just finished priming the Zero with the E/Mauler, so she may be added to the batch. All I need to do now is see if Huzzah Hobbies has that Alguacile HMG mini I've been considering. I found some unexpected cash, and it would be well employed getting her.

I'll need to try to secure some time here (wedding permitting) to get a game in. I'd really like to start playing this game for real, and in order to do that I must strike whilst the iron remains hot. I wish to turn murmurs of interest into shouts of unbridled joy at discovering a new, excellent game system!

But first I must finish assembling my troops...

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