Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Face of My Ogres

Well, with the release of a new book comes the rebuilding of an army. My Ogre Kingdoms army had a pretty good run under the old book, but now it's time to build a new list. The first thing you may notice is that the point bracket has increased on the army. This is for two reasons- one, because most players around here are playing their games at 2,500 points anyhow, and two because of the point cost increase on my Lord choices. On the bright side this adds six new models to my paint cue, once I can afford them, of course.

Without further rambling, the army list!

Tyrant w/ great weapon, Gut Maw, The Other Trickster's Shard, Giantbreaker Big Name (307 pts.)

Slaughtermaster (lvl. 4) w/ Dispell Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, additional hand weapon (317 pts.)

Bruiser (battle standard bearer) w/ heavy armor, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield (184 pts.)

7x Ogres w/ bellower, standard bearer, ironfist (244 pts.)

8x Ogres w/ bellower, standard bearer, ironfist (276 pts.)

10x Ironguts w/ bellower, standard, Banner of Eternal Flame (460 pts.)

4x Leadbelchers w/ bellower, thunderfist (192 pts.)

6x Mournfang Cavalry w/ full command, heavy armor, great weapon, Dragonhide Banner (518 pts.)

2,498 points

The Tyrant does what I believe Tyrants should do- he beats anything that dares to stand in front of him to a pulp. Between his already above par strength, his great weapon, and his Giantbreaker Big Name, he clocks in at a whopping strength of 8! With his -5 armor save modifier he's sure to punch through even the thickest armor. His Other Trickster's Shard makes enemies ward saves much less of a factor, and the pseudo-regenerative abilities of the Gut Maw means that as long as he gets or makes challenges he's nigh immortal.

The Slaughtermaster is my magical support. Drawing from the lore of the great maw, he's there to buff my own troops while he prevents the big spells from going through. The Dispell Scroll is there to ensure that that one spell I just don't think I have the dice to stop gets squashed.

My battle standard bearer is, as usual, kitted out for survival. he's a vital part of my average leadership army, and the last thing I need is it running away.

The Ogre units are normal Ogres. Designed to grind the enemy, they want to win combats consistently and by a big margin through pure volume of attacks (~24 per round).

The Ironguts are just as they were before. High volume of high strength attacks with the Flaming ability is sure to put down big monsters and elite units alike. Bring on those Hell Pit Abominations and Grave Guard Deathstars, I'm ready for 'em.

My Leadbelchers are now going to be deployed in a 2x2 square rather than simply in pairs. One, because it ups their survivability, and two because their minimum unit size went up.

Finally come the new all-stars of the army, the block of Mournfang Cavalry. Cavalry that do a salvo of impact hits before unleashing a torrent of strength 5 & 6 attacks, re-rolling all 1s rolled to wound? Hell yes. This is the army's new wrecking ball unit, and it should do a marvelous job. It had better for its point cost.

That's it for my new, hopefully improved Ogre Kingdoms army. Here's hoping I can get it together and play a game with it some time soon.


  1. I want to fight these guys with Gork's big, meaty fists. Have you picked up the Mournfangs yet?

  2. Not quite yet. I've already changed the composition of the army in order to make it more balanced, and once I have things figured out I'll let you know. (^_^)