Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Nomad Shuffle

A few days ago, before the terrain frenzy began, Demitra delivered me a batch of Infinity minis I had ordered through him. I got another set of Alguaciles, a pair of Moderators, and a Mobile Brigada miniature, this one toting a HMG. I managed to get them painted in the last few hours, as I hoped to bring them to gaming night tonight, along with my new terrain and gaming mat. I'll try to remember to snap a picture of the game(s) in progress, and give a quick overview of each. I tend to get wrapped up in my games though, so no promises.

Now I need to convince my cohorts at the game store to mark arcs of vision on minis' bases, as it gets very frustrating trying to guess what a model can and cannot see. I'll try to communicate this nicely, as it seems people haven't really gotten that far into painting their dudes. Demanding that they start with their base is a bit... arrogant and demanding.

Here's hoping tonight goes well.

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  1. Considering all of the are Warmahorders it shouldn't be hard to sell arc markings. With any luck I'll get my mans primed soon, which will make marking trivial as I can do it with a Sharpie.