Friday, January 20, 2012

Things I Do When I Should Be Studying

Yep, more painting progress today. I just finished Dullcote-ing my Nomads. The force is still two minis short (I'm waiting on an Interventor Hacker and a Reverend Moira I ordered with a gift certificate I had laying around from Christmas) but as you can see it's mostly finished. I decided to go for a camouflaged color scheme, broken up by the Nomad red and black colors. Yeah, I was going to paint them black and purple, but at the last minute (literally as I was pulling my paints out of their storage box) I called an audible. I think I did them justice.

Now I just need to get another game in. Both this force and my Aleph minis are sitting, unused in my display cabinet. This is a challenge to my only Infinity opponent who reads this blog: get those buildings assembled. Your Haqqislam force is going down.

Now to finish those last ten math problems before I spend all day tomorrow memorizing biology notes.

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