Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Dark Eldar- Ravager and Venom

Well, no end of year wrap up, but more Dark Eldar. As you can see, I finished my Ravager as well as bought, assembled, and painted the first of 5 Venoms for my army. I'm feeling pretty good, as I'm chugging along at a pretty good clip on this army. Now I just need those two Venoms Demitra owes me. It'll be at least two more weeks before I can actually go out and buy more for the army, so I'm kind of at his mercy as far as my current painting jones is concerned. As I said before, I'm really quite proud of how far I've gotten on this army in under a year, especially after taking a several month hiatus from painting 40k.
What there is of this army is proudly on display in my cabinet. I'll need to move those Hordes of the Things armies into storage soon to make way for the remainder of my force.

Demitra brought up a couple of points a while ago, however. What if I don't like the way the army plays on the tabletop? Well, in that case I'll have a very pretty army to show off my painting skills. What if sixth edition drastically changes how the game functions? Well, the army has always been a mechanized fast attack army, so I'm not too worried that the approach to fielding my army will alter drastically. In fact, I really don't think it'll change at all.

Then there's my worry. What if the army isn't sufficiently optimized? What if my list writing skills suck? Well, that's a whole other kettle of fish. Incubi are a risky proposition to say the least. They're a close-combat powerhouse optimized to take out elite infantry like Space Marines. Against hordes like Tyranids, or my upcoming foe, Orks, I'm fairly well screwed. Volume of attacks is their bane, with low toughness and a 3+ armor save I don't expect them to stand up to much beyond a 10 or so strong Boyz mob.

Wyches are also a gamble. I don't have any Wych Weapons in the squads, and they're (again) low toughness models. Here all I can hope for is for them to make it into my opponent's backfield unmolested to tie up (or better yet, destroy) his ranged support assets. This is actually why they have Haywire Grenades- to off tanks and the dreaded "rifleman" dreadnoughts.

In the end, however, I have a varied army I'm rather pleased with. We'll see how it fares in the heat of battle eventually (hopefully within the next few months) and I'll make a decision as to how (or if) my army needs to be refined. Until then I'll just keep on chuggin' along.

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  1. UPS willing I'll have those Venoms for you tomorrow as the package in question is currently in a truck on its (winding) way to my house.

    Your mention of optimization and list building prompted me to write a bit about why those things are both good and bad in the context of 40k, and how it relates to Warmahordes, but it got kinda long and I figured I should make that mess on my blog instead of stinking yours up.

    It'll be interesting to see your army on the table. The scheme is striking and, to my eye, is starting to come together as the mob grows. Between your teal and my blue/red/yellow melange, we'll have a whole rainbow spilled across the table.