Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blasters? Blasters!

Well, I found another way to make blasters (aside from barrel swaps on Shredders). I am going to flagrantly steal this idea from Synaps3 (second picture down). I have no need for foot Dark Lances in my army, so I'll just hack off the barrel and make them into "Blasters". That gives me four more Blasters to field, and ups my total Blaster count to 12 (when I use all of them). All told, that's an army with 25 darklight weapons, and a very short lived enemy parking lot. Swarms? 10 Splinter Cannons. Still not Venom Spam, but that's about as close as I'm willing to get to the concept.

Tomorrow's the big day, as my package from the Miniature Market is supposed to arrive. So far their customer service (as far as I can tell) is on par with the War Store. It's really the packing around the shipment that'll tell the final story. If things are busted, that's a big thumbs down. Not that I'm wanting to find anything amiss, but if I do find anything I'll have to very carefully consider my purchases in the future. This crap is expensive, and I don't want anything busted.

Heck, no matter what I'm going to consider my purchases carefully from now on. 5% is a big difference in price when you're ordering hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise, and in that category the Miniature Market has the War Store beat hands down.

We'll see what arises tomorrow, and as per Demitra's request I'll post pictures of the packages both when they arrive and as I unpack them. Pending my approval they may be getting my business again come a few months from now.

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