Friday, January 13, 2012

Dark Eldar Update: Two More Venoms Complete!

The Venoms I recieved from Demitra are now fully painted and ready for Dullcote. I'm down to needing six more vehicles: two Venoms, two Raiders, and two Ravagers. That, combined with the ten Grotesques firmly places a light at the end of the painting tunnel.

Once that's done, I'll be looking to get a game in. I'll challenge Demitra at some point, I don't know if he can put together a coherent 2,000 point Blood Angel army. I'm scared to death of all of his Devastators, those Missile Launchers will tear my Armor 10 vehicles to pieces. I also don't have a lot of line of sight obstructing terrain for my 4' x 6' board, leaving me twisting in the wind. It'll be ugly to be sure, so I'll need to expand my 4' x 4' board by a couple of feet. The addition of some urban terrain will help cut down on fire lanes, and make the game more interesting.

The inability to transport my army is a bit of a bummer, but eventually I'll be able to save up for a Battlefoam bag and be able to transport my minis to my (maybe?) FLGW. I sensed a bit of hostility in the store since the last time I was there I was just killing time, but maybe once I bring in a fully assembled and painted army worth more than a few hundred bucks, they'll warm up to me.


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  1. I'm fairly sure I can get 2k together, and most of it should even be (somewhat) painted. The last time we played 40k I went with a mech(ish) list that left out a lot of the things I would otherwise have fielded, so I'm sure I can do a hybrid list of the appropriate size. There's always the Land Raider full of Death Company. Orks are going to be quite a while in coming along, though I'm getting close to having 500 points of fully painted lads.