Monday, January 24, 2011

Anima Progress: Wissenschaft & Wanderers

So tonight I finished up my Wissenschaft miniatures. I decided on my favorite palette, jade green, purple, and black. So far I own (from left to right) Celia (the limited edition of whom I'm looking into getting pro-painted), Lorenzo, Rayne, Alessa Raincross, Feng Yi, Cordelia Rosalind, and Veronica. I really want the Legacy of Solomon, but it weighs in at $50, so my beautiful suit of power armor will have to wait.
Wissenschaft is worth playing if only for the hotties! (^_^)
I also slapped some paint on a few of the more powerful Wanderer models- Dereck Shezard, Sophia Ilmora, and Faust Orbatos.
You'll note that I stuck to the color schemes presented in their card art rather than assigning them a faction uniform. I did this to represent these characters' mercenary nature. This way they'll stand out as individuals even in an all wanderer party.

Right now I'm in the middle of painting up my Azur Alliance minis, but I'm throwing a few Wanderers in there to break up the monotony of painting brown skin, white hair, and black uniforms, Don't get me wrong- they look really cool, but one can only paint so much of the same thing before going a touch batty.


  1. Having looked around at some commissioners and "pro" painters, I'm very disappointed. Most of the stuff is, to my eye, worse than what I do, and my stuff has plenty of room for improvement. I won't throw stones on my blog, let alone yours, but these services seem to fall into two catagories: the affordable ones, who paint marginally at best, and the astronomical ones, who actually produce something that I'd call professionally painted. Your mileage will vary, but I've been disappointed in some way with all the painting services I've looked at.

  2. My "pro painter" has won bronze at Golden Demon, so I'm pretty confident in the results.