Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Kind-Of Battle Report

I intended to do a turn-by-turn battle report, but in ended up with us paying more attention to the game than to taking pictures. Due to this shortcoming, I'm just posting the pics of the most intense action.

My Skaven Army
While a bit small for a Skaven army, this one packs one hell of a punch. Included are:

-A Grey Seer with a Power Scroll (of course!), the Talisman of Preservation, and the Ironcurse Icon
-A Warlock Engineer (level 1 wizard) with a Warp-Energy Condenser
-A Warlock Engineer with a Warplock Pistol and the Doomrocket
-A chieftain Battle Standard Bearer with a shield and the Armour of Destiny
Core Units:
-2x units of 40 Clanrats with shields, full command, and Poisoned Wind Mortars
-2x units of 40 Skavenslaves
Special Units:
-6 Rat Ogres with 4 Packmasters
-7 Gutter Runners with slings and poisoned attacks
Rare Units:
-Warp Lightning Cannon
-Hell Pit Abomination

A.K.'s Lizardmen
When I looked across the table at the Slann, my first question was, "Does he have the Cupped Hands (transfers miscasts to enemy wizards)?" The answer, of course, was "Yes."
Craptacular. My Grey Seer is doomed.

As far as I can tell, his army consisted of:
-Slann with Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
-Skink Shaman with Dispel Magic Scroll
-Sarus Oldblood Battle Standard Bearer
Core Units:
-2x units of 12 skinks with javelins
-12 skinks with blowpipes
-23 Saurus Warriors
Special Units:
-2x Salamander Hunting Packs
-10 Chameleon Skinks with a Stalker
Rare Units:
-Stegadon with Giant Bow
I'm sure there were other Magic Items, but they either never came into play, or I just don't remember them.

I was also not too fond of the fact that his Slann had chosen the Lore of Fire, as this would nuke my Hell Pit Abomination's ability to Regenerate.

Having generated spells (the slann knew the whole bloody Lore of Fire) and the token swapping of Howling Warpgale to Curse of the Horned Rat, the battle lines were drawn.

Ready to Throw Down!
I meant to place the Abomination between the two Clanrat units at the center of my army, but once again he would be expected to roll the right flank along with the Rat Ogres.
Let me tell you- it was a gigantic hassle lining up that Warp Lightning Cannon to get a clean shot on that Stegadon!

I, of course, forget who went first, but the Cannon failed to hit the Stegadon- misfiring on the bounce twice before blowing itself sky-high on the third shot.
On my second turn I had my Hell Pit Abomination rush the Salamander rather than going after the Temple guard (who would have slaughtered the thing. The Rat Ogres charged the flanking Skinks, ignoring the Chameleons who were attempting to get in my backfield. I decided that 10 blowpipers harassing my Poisoned Wind Mortars and Skavenslaves was just fine with me.

That Abomination's flank looks awfully exposed, but he'll off that Salamander with no problems, right?

Then came my Magic Phase. Now, my last two castings of the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell have been less than stellar, causing less than twenty casualties between the two of them. This casting redeemed my dice thoroughly. 24 Temple Guard were converted into Clanrats. Best burning of a Power Scroll so far. Of course, the resulting miscast caused my Warlock Engineer to go *pop* after having shocked himself with his own Warp Lightning spell earlier in the phase. Somehow the Hell Pit Abomination failed to kill the Salamander and its handlers.

The Abomination refocuses its attention after finally offing those Salamander handlers...
So, the Abomination finally freed itself of its combat with the Salamander handlers, and turned to charge the Slann. This should have been a short combat, but I kept rolling a "1" for the abomination's action in combat, and the Slann either passed its initiative test(!) or I failed to wound it, or it made its 4+ save. I was beginning to get a bit annoyed at the thing, especially after the Slann cast Cascading Fire-Cloak and managed to knock the Abomination down to its last wound. The Rat Ogres were too far out of the combat now that there were no longer any Temple Guard to chase after, and the Battle Standard bearer's unit was in deep trouble after getting charged by the Stegadon. Luckily, they were Steadfast to the end and managed to keep the army's standard alive to the end.

With one wound left the HPA finally offs the Slann!

The end of the game
In the end, this was a hard-fought game with both sides taking major blows (the Abomination finally got poisoned to death by the unpainted Skinks)but the Skaven pulled out a minor win. All in all a good game, that was a blast to play!

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