Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plague Carriers

Got a game in with my Plague Marines today.
Against Eldar.
Got crushed.
I may just have to face the fact that I'm not very good at 40k any more. I couldn't get anywhere near his lines, and he just shot me to death. That's why I like Fantasy better than Warhammer 40,000- you've got to fight in melee to win the game. That's where the game gets exciting for me.
People (G. W. staff mostly) are suggesting a Screaming Bell for my Grey Seer to ride on, but in order to take it I've got to drop a Hell Pit Abomination. While the bell is pretty awesome, I'd rather have two sledgehammer models to break up combats as Skaven really aren't all that adept at winning combats. Perhaps in a 2,250+ point game I'll plunk down for one. For right now it's time to save up for two Hell Pit Abominations.

Yeah, I'm becoming That Guy, but so is everybody else. I don't feel so bad about it.

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  1. Let the commentage begin! I love the Screaming Bell model, always have. To tie in with what we were talking about today, it's one of the models that makes me want to collect Skaven. It's also one of the models that I got from you during some purge or other. It's the old one, as you might expect, but I believe it's intact and primed. You are, of course, welcome to it should you so desire. I wouldn't blame you for getting the new one as it's super sexy, but if you want a stopgap there's one available.