Friday, January 21, 2011

A Hell Pit Abomination in 24 Hours

Yesterday I finally ran out and grabbed my first of two Abominations. The second I will hold off buying for awhile, but this one I wanted ready for today. Thus began my quest.

My first step, of course, was to run over to G.W. (it's closer than my FLGS, unfortunately) and grab one. I drove home with my new prize and stripped off the cellophane.
After un-boxing the model, I was a bit intimidated by the sheer volume of pieces...
...But, ever the intrepid modeler, I trudged forward. To say that the instructions for this miniature are vague may be a bit of an understatement, but I was finally able to get together the upper torso of the beast.
Next came the legs. Let me tell you, putting together a model which is supposed to sit flat on a certain sized base with multi-part feet is not a joy. Neither was lining up the little wheel the monster is supposed to roll forward into combat on. However, being the consummate expert I am, I figured out the lower torso as well.
Next came the fusion of the upper and lower halves of the beast. The torso went into the lower body fairly smoothly, but then came the ruins and arm on the model's right side. Even getting the part together took several tries, and getting it to fit into place alongside the upper torso arm I had selected made the process frustrating. Finally I had the model together and ready to go on it's base. The ruins hang over the base a bit, but I'm no perfectionist, so I let this minor annoyance slide.
Next it was outside to prime the model, followed by a quick dash into the bathroom to let it dry...
...And then painting could begin in earnest. The first step was to basecoat most of the model in Tallarn Flesh.
Followed by picking out the various other details in Chainmail, Tin Bitz, Chaos Black, Deneb Stone, Mechrite Red, and a bit of Vallejo Dark Yellow and Dark Fleshtone (for rat fur).
After that came a layer of Army Painter's "Strong Tone" Quickshade, and then the process of letting the thing dry overnight.
This morning I got up and did some final touches (a rat I missed next to the engine, putting red dots in all the various heads' eyes) and based the model. For this army I decided to go simple, and paint the whole base Khemri Brown, followed by green flock across the top.
Finally, into the bathroom again for a quick coat of Matt Varnish (Army Painter again), and voila! a fully painted and ready to play Hell Pit Abomination in a day.
Now, I certainly won't win any painting awards with this guy, but as far as a tabletop quality miniature goes, he's well above par compared to most armies out there. I believe in playing with fully painted armies, and now my Skaven army won't have to trudge into battle with a gray blob of plastic at their side. Plus, how many people out there can say, "I have a fully painted Skaven army"? Heck, how many people can say, "I have a fully painted army"? None too many around these parts.

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  1. Wait, you painted wheelcrotch in a day? Dude, that's awesome.