Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally, Dark Eldar Pictures!

Well, here they are! I like how the models turned out, even if the escorts are a bit big. All measurements are taken from the stem of the flight base any way, so scale is sort of irrelevant.

My cruisers are made from the new jetbike models. The H.U.D. is turned around so it will look like a bridge.  All three are armed with Phantom Lances.

These are my torpedo armed Corsair class escorts. You'll note that each type of escort has a different "wing" (I know, wings don't work in space...) configuration to make it so that you can identify the type of craft at a glance. The torpedo tubes are accented in green to point out that these are indeed carrying ordnance.

 These Corsairs are, like their big brothers the Torture classes, carrying Phantom Lances.

Finally, my personal favorites. These Corsairs mount Dreadclaw assault boats. These little beauties are absolute nightmares to enemy cruisers.

Well, there you have it. My 1-0 Dark Eldar fleet. Here's hoping my tactic of getting behind enemy craft and boarding them over and over continues to work. It really frustrated my last opponent to the point he concentrated all his fire on the Dreadclaw-carrying Corsairs (after, of course, they had stripped his flagship of it's shields). This left me free to run around to his aft and lance his cruisers into teeny tiny space bits.

I don't mean to gloat, but with my recent losing streak, I need a few in the "win" column.

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