Sunday, April 3, 2011

Over-Thinking It?

These dudes vex me.
 Perhaps I'm over-analyzing my army at this point, but I'm thinking that a Blaster / Splinter Cannon armed Kabalite squad would serve my purposes better. The squad would be more flexible (which does go against my theory of squad specialization), but it adds a degree of much-needed anti-horde capability. Two fewer Dark Lance shots isn't exactly a game-breaker, and the Blaster is still a Darklight (Lance) weapon. The added bonus is the Assault 4 / Heavy 6 firepower of the Splinter Cannon. That's some pretty withering firepower, and it'll have both hordes and Monstrous Creatures sweating. The point cost is identical, and it allows for wound-allocation trickery (...and the useless weapon will take another plasma gun wound).

My army is really missing those big volleys of shots, and despite Incubi being masters of butchery, I just can't rely on them even making it into combat. Should they make it into combat I've also been warned that they may simply kill too much, leaving them exposed for shooty retribution. Really all I can rely on is my opponent's army walking after me, as those transports will be as wrecked as possible on Turn 1.

I must say, the prospect of running a grand total of 65 models, the infantry being 99% Toughness 3 and the vehicles topping out at Armor 11 / 11 / 10 (Open-Topped) is a bit intimidating. I used to be really good with my Cryx army though, and the concepts are the same, so hopefully I'll be able to wrap my head around the tactics required to run this army.

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