Monday, April 25, 2011

More Dark Eldar Evilness

Well, my second Raider is done, this time with a decal on the posted image. I'm sticking with the standard Dark Lance armament to give my squads the ability to take on multiple target types. The Lance combined with the squad's Splinter Cannon will hopefully allow me to open up APCs at range and thin out the contents as they close on me.

The more I think about, the more likely I am to drop the Raiders for my Incubi and instead go with Venoms. Of course, this is dependent upon weather they are released in the next Dark Eldar wave, as I'm not about to spend $70-90 per 5-man transport for the pleasure of converting one out of a Raider and a Vyper (plus whatever bits I have to order online).

Next up are my Incubi. I decided to go with the same green armor the Warriors wear. I'm thinking about giving the Klaives (their big, giant swords) black blades, as the bronze I've been using just doesn't look intimidating enough to me.

Supposing I do go with Venoms instead of Raiders for these guys' rides, they'll be split up into three squads of four rather than two squads of seven. The remaining points would then be juggled around to include a third Haemonculus.

Last up is my first Haemonculus. All of them will be armed with Liquifier guns. He's also armed with some sort of claw weapon, but rather than invest points into a weapon he should never get a chance to use, I'm counting it as a regular close combat weapon rather than, say, an Agoniser.

That's it for my painting progress over the last few days. I still have a second Haemonculus and eight more Incubi to paint.

I'm wondering if I should go ahead and pick up a third Haemonculus before the next wave of Dark Eldar come out and potentially make the models I'm currently using to represent my army's HQ choices obsolete, and making them impossible to purchase again.

I'm not about to panic-buy again, though. I'll wait until I but my Ravager if I do pick him up, thus getting myself free shipping without having to drive over to my local Games Workshop. Until then, I'll see what a Venom-based Dark Eldar force would look like. Honestly, I think I'll like it more despite losing 2 Incubi.


  1. Looks like I need to get moving on the Orks. I'd break up the solid green on the Incubi if I were you, give them a little something special to set them apart from the rank and file guys. You've established purple as your extra color, so perhaps those big shoulder blade things? Also, how about a group shot? They're looking good individually, but I imagine they'll look better still with all of them together.

  2. I'd break the green up with more purple if I hadn't already settled on using purple for cloth, black for bodysuits and green for armor plates. The Wyches will definitely stand out from the pack as they only have token bits of armor down the right side of their body, so they'll be mostly black.

    I did end up going with black blades on the Klaives though, so they stand out a bit more now.

    The group shot is reserved for once the last Kabalite Warrior squad is assembled and painted. I'm getting my hands on them this weekend, so the final 500 point shot should only be a week and a half out.