Friday, April 15, 2011

The Return of Chaos

Answering Demitra's call for a game, the choice has been made. My forces return at the 1,750 point level- this time my Plague Marines.

My battle plan stays pretty much the same. Advance with the Daemon Princes and Rhinos with Flamers & Meltaguns. Squat on an objective with the Plasma Gunners, and wreck face with the Obliterators. The Obliterators will once again be deployed normally, as deep striking them not only loses me a turn of shooting (at least) with each squad, it potentially drops them right into the teeth of assaults.

I somewhat fear for the safety of my Darmon Princes, as I really stresssed to Demitra last time that he NEEDS to shoot them dead before they hit his lines...

This hopefully will take the heat off my Plague Marines and Obliterators, allowing me to thin the Assault Squads before they hit my lines. I trust my Plague Marines to beat the Assault Squads in close combat, I just worry that there may not be enough of them left to grab objectives. Of course, if we roll up Kill Points, that changes everything to a flat-out rush across the board under Obliterator fire support.

Here's hoping for revenge for the last game. My Plague Marines are lined up and ready to go on their cookie sheet. It's go time.

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