Sunday, December 16, 2012

200 Posts Down, Who Knows How Many More To Go

Yep, I noticed today that my last post was number 200! I consider that to be a bit of a milestone. Therefore with post 201 I'm going to put up a little "Wargaming Chaos Trivia".

The #5 entry in terms of popularity is a post about Dark Eldar army construction. I don't know why people come to me for advice since I just tweak netlists to suit my playstyle. I guess I'm just lucky.

Sometimes people come to me for modeling advice. That's where post #4 comes in. My experience putting the Hell Pit Abomination together and getting it fully painted and on the table within a 24 hour period seems to have intrigued the world wide web.

The #3 entry of all time appears to show up because of the search for "Hordes of the Things" It's a shame that this little game doesn't get more love. It's a tight rules system that's very portable and doesn't require a lot of miniatures.

My #2 entry also gets hits for "1,500 point Dark Eldar Army". It's a shame that the picture I linked to has vanished, but oh well. It's nice that people come to my little blog for advice, no matter how green it may be.

My all-time most popular post by far is this one. Not because of the content it seems, but for the "sexy Dark Eldar wallpaper" caption I placed under the first picture. Thanks interwebz, you continue to improve my view of humanity...

What I do like is my hit count. As of this post I have 21,676 pageviews. That's not too shabby for my on-and-off posting style and my less than professional photos. Thank you to those who have stopped by, and an especially big thanks to those few followers I have. It's really nice to have an audience, no matter how limited.

I'll continue this blog for as long as possible, and now that finals are over and I'm in between semesters I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule. battle reports should become more regular. Most importantly that "Coming Attractions" list should be processed in a more timely manner. Don't expect those 40k minis to be up very soon though, Dust Warfare has taken over pretty strongly around my parts. Hopefully it's not just the flavor of the month and it hangs on for a good while.

Happy holidays internet, and thanks for the love, no matter how small.

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