Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cake Which Is Cheesy

I'll just leave this right here. I do believe my walkers are in sudden need of maintenance. These lovely ladies will probably be purchased and added to my collection ASAP. They're $30 too, so not too horrible a price. It would be nice if you could get them unpainted, as I't love to grab two sets and paint up one as an Allied repair team, and one for the SSU. I'll be hoping that they get Dust Warfare stats as well as stats for Dust Tactics, if they get stats at all- they may very well just be display pieces, which is okay by me.

Does the little skull and crossbones in the top right corner mean anything? Could we be in waiting for mercenaries? Not too sure on that one. I'll keep rooting around and get back to you.

Personally I'm not too sure about the idea of adding mercs into Dust. If that is indeed happening, which is simply wild speculation on my part. I guess maybe some people would wander from place to place looking for a fight, but in a World War II setting, it would take some pretty darn good writing to convince me.

Any way, enough wild speculation. I'm going to go back to scouring the internet for whatever tickles my fancy. Hopefully I'll be able to keep bringing morsels like this back to you.

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