Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hills Progress- Almost Done

Well, the rest of the day yesterday (everything up until the rather violent thunderstorm) was spent finishing up the hills. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, despite missing a couple patches of color.

I followed the usual terrain recipe. once the hills had dried to their base boards, I covered them with glue. Part way through the process I ran out of wood glue, so I turned to Elmer's Glue-All. This stuff has never failed me before, it's just not my first pick for terrain. One at a time I slathered them with glue, then sprinkled them with ballast.

You may note in the picture that there were a couple of spots the glue didn't reach, and therefore the ballast did not adhere. This was only a minor annoyance to me, as the temperature outside was, let's say oppressive. I continued forward on my quest to finish these terrain pieces which have tormented me for the last few weeks.

A coat of brown paint later. Now you really can't tell that there are patches where I missed a little texture

Finally, the drybrush. I was kind of foolish and photographed them on my carpet, but at this point I had finished cleaning up outside, and I wasn't really keen on stepping out into the oven that was Fairfax City yesterday. Hopefully you can see everything just fine. I missed a couple of spots with paint, so I'm going to be covering them with flock and static grass tomorrow (probably tomorrow). I can't wait to break out these bad boys on Tuesday.

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