Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Terrain Mania Continues!!!

Lacking any miniatures to paint at present, my focus has turned to terrain. I say you can never have too much variety in your terrain box(es), so I have been scrounging every unfinished project I can get my hands on and, well, finishing them. The theme of today was tank traps. I've had some lying around forever, so I figured I'd slap some paint on them and get them ready for play. I started by spray painting a bunch of old plastic Games Workshop tank traps I had laying around silver. After that I hit them with Tamiya Smoke, and set them aside to dry. Once they were ready I noticed that some of the traps have a hard time staying upright. This prompted me to scurry off to the craft store to acquire some wood! I went ahead and grabbed a few extra pieces to glue rocks to, as should I want to put together a desert board rock formations will be vital to provide cover to the forces involved.

Once home I glued the tank traps as well as assorted rocks to the wood I had just purchased.

Following that I slapped down some wood glue on the bases and coated them with ballast.

Once the wood glue had dried (an hour or two later, I was kind of overly generous with the glue) I layed down a layer of brown paint over the terrain pieces. The bases of the tank traps got as neat a coat as I could manage with the rather sub-par brush I was wielding, and the entirety of the rock formations were base coated.

Again being a touch generous with this layer (you would have thought I'd have learned) i waited a few hours for the brown to dry. Playing a lot of King of Fighters XIII helped quite a bit here. Once the bases finally were done, I drybrushed them with khaki paint.

Mission accomplished. I've got a few more pieces of terrain ready for action, and my board is getting closer and closer to having enough sci-fi terrain. This stuff will be useful in both 40k and (maybe) Dust Warfare. I'll be picking up some SSU stuff for Dust assuming somebody out there wants to buy a whole bunch of MalifauX minis cheap.

In related news, my poor hills still languish in uncompletedness by my window sill. I need to get in touch with my dad to borrow his jigsaw to finish those bases. Until then, this will be their state:

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