Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye MalifauX

This is less of an entry, and more of an image hosting thing. I'm using this as a place to show off my MalifauX minis so I can sell them. Of course, this is also a perfect opportunity to show off some old toys.

First up is my original crew, the Swamp Gremlins. I was hoping they'd be fun to play, but unfortunately they were just frustrating.

I then turned to the Viktorias, but wasn't really thrilled with their play style.

These fellows are the other outcasts I have painted.

Next up came Rasputina, but truth be told I really only bought her to paint her.

The Ortegas. This is the crew I decided on running, but then work changed my schedule and I haven't been able to get a game in in two years.

The Pandora crew I truly bought just to paint, and they are by far the best looking minis I have for this system.

...And finally, those last few minis that never saw the tender touch of the brush.

That's about it for this little trip down memory lane. Hopefully this is goodbye to minis that now only take up space.

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