Thursday, March 1, 2012

The New Face of the New Wolves

Well, I know army lists just don't do it for most folks, but I've finalized my army list based around criticism from Demitra over at Khadoran Machine Never Breaks. He said (in a nutshell) that my army list was one dimensional and boring. Honestly, it was. To that end I have dropped the Dreadnoughts, a squad of Grey Hunters, and their Razorback in favor of a pack of Wolf Scouts, a second Thunderwolf Lord, and four Wolf Guard to sprinkle around my army. This should help break up the monotony of push my tanks forward, shoot, push my tanks forward, shoot...

This turns my army into an aggressive, leap straight for the throat force that should (hopefully) lead to much more action-packed games. The Wolf Guard will act as pack leaders in the Grey Hunters and the Wolf Scouts, and the Scouts will deliver a Meltagun, a Power Fist, and a good bit of close combat bite into my opponent's backfield (provided I can roll a 3+) The Thunderwolves will continue to do what Thunderwolves do- run into melee and kill stuff. This army suffers a bit against parking lot armies, but hopefully four Meltaguns and three Lascannons will cut the mustard as far as popping open metal bawkses.

The Downside to this army is the lack of scoring units. This may or may not be a problem, as in games with more objectives my marines will get spread pretty thin. This leads me to the usual "late game objective rush" so maligned by many players, but hey, there's nothing to be done aside from totally gutting the army- and that's not going to happen

Any way, here's the new face of the army:

Wolf Lord w/ Belt of Russ, Runic Armor, Thunderwolf Mount, Frost Weapon- 215 pts.
Wolf Lord w/ Wolftooth Necklace, Thunderwolf Mount, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer- 215 pts.

4 Wolf Guard w/ Power Fists- 152 pts.
5 Wolf Scouts w/ Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon, Meltagun- 110 pts.

5 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun; Razorback w/ Lascannon & Twin-Linked Plasmaguns- 155 pts.
5 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun; Razorback w/ Lascannon & Twin-Linked Plasmaguns- 155 pts.
5 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun; Razorback w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon- 155 pts.

4 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/ Storm Shields, Power Fist- 345 pts.
4 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/ Storm Shields, Power Fist- 345 pts.

Good thing those Thunderwolves haven't been assembled yet. I'd hate to have to pry their Thunder Hammer arms off to replace them with Power Fists. In the end they may not look as cool, but the points saved make up for the aesthetics.

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