Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rolling Thunder (Or Lack Thereof)

Over a week ago I placed a special order at my FLGS for (you guessed it) three boxes of Thunderwolf Cavalry and a Thunderwolf Lord. As it stands right now, Games Workshop has not sent them their shipment almost a week after the release date for the minis, and I'm getting tired of waiting. What Space Wolf minis I do have are seven models away from being fully painted, and I'm running out of stuff. I also want to get this army painted ASAP as I'm sort of tired of not getting to game on Fridays.

This impatience has a fairly big downside to it, however. If I were to cancel my order with my FLGS they may get in the four boxes of stuff I ordered and not be able to move it. It's not their fault that G. W. hasn't sent them merchandise that was due to be released a week ago, and I don't want to leave them holding stuff they can't sell.

Of course, on the other hand, I want my stuff. I can't paint it until it arrives, and I try my hardest not to game with unpainted minis. This places a double barrier between me and my gaming. It's honestly driving me a touch batty. I had this week off from school, and I likely could have finished off a few Thunderwolves. I won't have an opportunity like this any time soon.

Oh, well. I'll just have to decide weather or not to cancel the order tomorrow (when I stop by the store).

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  1. I seem to recall more than a few unpainted Cetratii in our last game, plus I think you still have a Black 13th waiting for some love. There are options if you just have to paint something.

    As for the Thunderwolves, I'd imagine the FLGS wouldn't have too much problem moving them. That said, surely you can hold your water until they arrive. You have at least two fully painted 40k armies dying for some love if you're getting the gaming DTs.