Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Logan's Company

This is the closest I could get to my company badge...
Brace yourselves. There is an upcoming deluge of Space Wolves pictures.

I said I'd wait a bit before I started this army, but oh, well. Tax returns make one do some kooky stuff, no?

I've decided to go with Logan Grimnar's great company. Not because he can field a ton of Terminators (they become Troops under him), and not because he's the chapter master. It's really simple. I like the company badge.

Of course, since Logan's company is so elite I've attached a Wolf Guard as a leader to each squad, and the fluff allows me to field a ton of Thunderwolf Cavalry. You see, they're Wolf Guard on big honkin' wolves.

This has the happy result of making my army an absolute nightmare in close combat. The cavalry's 12" charge is great for catching opponents off-guard, and their Strength 5, Toughness 5, Rending, and Storm Shields make them at least as good in assault as my Plague Marines. They'd better be at 80+ points a pop.

Now I'm thinking of adding the "Saga of the Warrior Born" to my Wolf Lord. This allows him to get more attacks based on how many models he killed in the previous round of close combat. He basically becomes more and more of a Cuisinart of Death the more models you try to drag him down with. Of course this upgrade costs (rightly) a fair few points.

Any way, I'm nearing a pretty big milestone with my puppies. Stay tuned!

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